Master Wireworking the Easy Way

Wire isn’t mastered in one take

Wirework is not wirework is not wirework. Those of you who have played with or mastered wireworking know what I mean. It’s enticing at first: those wire projects lure you in with their hip metal style. Then you try your hand at it, and your spiral looks nothing like the one in the picture. You throw down your tools and comfort yourself with a hot fudge sundae. Or you return to the beading techniques you know and feel at home with.

Until the wire calls to you once again at 2 a.m. Or you see the perfect wire spiral in a dream and you created it! Tentatively, you reach for the innocent-looking wire spool and cross your fingers (hard to do while unspooling wire). You are going to give it another try. Again, you’ve created bumps in all the wrong places, and no “S” has looked so lopsided since second-grade handwriting class.

You flip off the studio light and vow never to return to that painful scene. You think it’s hard to master wireworking with regular tools? I learned how to wire wrap on an airplane with mini tools. Minis add an entire layer of challenge to the picture!

Wireworking—easy and versatile

One of the most appealing aspects of wireworking is the versatility of the art itself. You can choose hundreds of different styles, wraps, wire colors, etc., and stay entertained for years. It’s easy for anyone to start wireworking, impossible to stop once you have.

Simple wire-wrapped loops transform anything with a hole into a fun dangle. Plus, the range of colors and gauges of wire offer endless ways to create anything you can imagine in wire, from a wire cage for a pearl to a wire bezel wrapped around a brilliant crystal.

Time will help you master wireworking

One of the keys to mastering wireworking is simply mileage. Most everything you do frequently, you get better at. I found working with wire feeds a part of my brain that no other beading techniques do. Maybe it’s the engineering that goes into wire designs. Or perhaps it’s my love affair with round-nose pliers. Wireworking is a little techie, and it’s metal. What else do you need?

Wireworking is pretty forgiving, and it’s very portable. You can fashion beautifully delicate work or heavy, funky-chunky creations. And nothing is more fun than throwing in some textured rings and patinaed metal charms to add spirit to your wirework.

Knowing simple wireworking techniques will launch you into a wildly fulfilling wireworked lifestyle! So, pick up those tools you threw down and dive into the new special issue Easy Wire to learn those basic wireworking techniques, as well as to find spectacular projects beaders of all levels can master!


FREE Necklace Project

Very Varasite by Carter Seibels Singh combines peridot, African silver, varasite, and opal in a simple summertime necklace design. The tiny peridot dangles and the aqua beryl dangle on the silver leaf pendant give you lots of practice forming wrapped loops.

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