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Learn everything you need to know about beadweaving in this free guide.There’s no doubt that if you’re reading this, you’re someone who knows that there’s a special kind of magic in bead weaving. I don’t know how else to explain the feeling I get after sitting down with just a pile of beads, a needle, and some thread one minute, and then walking away a couple of hours later with a new piece of handmade beaded jewelry.


Part of the beauty of bead weaving is that there are so many different beading stitches to be used, nothing is impossible. Whether you love to do peyote stitch, right-angle weave, brick stitch, herringbone stitch, or even if you use a loom to do your bead weaving, chances are that you can find just the right combination of beading techniques to create whatever your heart desires.

If you love bead weaving, we’ve put together a collection of five favorite bead-weaving projects and four of Beadwork magazine‘s Master Class columns from some of our favorite bead artists!

Get warmed up by making some of these great bead-weaving projects:

How to Make a Bracelet with Bead Weaving

Learn how to make a bracelet with bead weaving in this free ebook.
This is fast and fabulous! Add four rows of simple swags to a strung core of beads for a lush bracelet or necklace rope. Use different clasps or toggles for added interest. This project makes a bracelet. To make a longer rope for a necklace, increase the amount of beads and wire. To make both, be sure to double your crimps and clasps.

Peyote Stitch Bezel Necklace

Learn how to make a bezel necklace using bead weaving and peyote stitch in this free guide.
Learn how to make sophisticated peyote stitch bezels for gemstone beads with this free bead weaving project. Weave peyote stitch bezels for three pyrite ovals, then string them into a simple necklace to create an understated but versatile look for day or evening wear.

Herringbone Tube Necklace

Make a herringbone tube necklace using bead weaving techniques in this free guide.
Make a statement with this herringbone stitch tube necklace! The striped pattern on the herringbone tube in this necklace is symmetrical when woven, but becomes asymmetrical when the entire piece is assembled and worn with the heart-and-key clasp to the side.

Beaded Rope Necklace Project

Make a beaded rope necklace using bead weaving techniques in this free guide.
Beaded ropes never go out of style! Try this free bead weaving project to see how you can use two highly contrasting colors of seed beads in a double spiral rope.

Bead weaving a Brick Stitch Necklace

Make a brick stitch necklace using bead weaving techniques in this free guide.
This unique bead weaving pattern is a fabulous way to learn how create geometric shapes with brick stitch. Cube beads stack up neatly and have large holes that allow for multiple thread passes. It’s a portable project—you can take some beads with you and whip together the individual diamonds that you can then assemble later at home. I can make six diamonds in an hour without taking my whole project with me when I am going to a meeting or waiting for something.

As a bonus, learn what it takes to become a master with some of the best of Beadwork magazine master class columns.

Learn everything you need to know about bead weaving in this free eBook that contains tutorials and expert advice.

  1. Marcia DeCoster talks about how working with small beaded components can improve your skills at bead-weaving and beaded jewelry design.
  2. Carol Cypher offers advice on how to develop your bead-weaving fluency across many different beading stitches.
  3. Dustin Wedekind shares his insights on challenging yourself to make better bead weaving.
  4. Phyllis Dintenfass shows us how geometry isn’t as scary as you remember from grammar school, and proves that geometry and bead weaving can be used to make some pretty amazing beaded jewelry!

Discover expert tips and bead weaving techniques from this free guide and start on a stunning bead weaving pattern today! Expand your knowledge and skills beyond what you can image with patterns using your favorite bead stitches of all varieties!

Are you ready to learn new bead-weaving skills and expand your knowledge of beading techniques? Let these wonderful bead artists help you continue on your journey with your seed beads with this collection of seed bead patterns in all your favorite bead-weaving stitches! Download your copy of Free Guide to Bead Weaving: Patterns and Instructions to Learn How to Bead Weave today!



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