Master Polygon Stitch with Carol Huber Cypher in a Live Webinar!

Part of the wonderful world of bead-weaving includes the history and heritage behind each stitch. Many of these thread paths have been handed down through the generations from all over the world until they arrive in their present form on your bead mat — kind of a cool thought, isn't it? It's this connection with the past that makes beading, and off-loom bead-weaving in particular, so attractive to me.

Many of you know that one of my favorite reference books is Carol Huber Cypher's Mastering Beadwork, with it's rich variety of bead-weaving stitches and techniques from all across the globe. Now, you can learn how to do polygon stitch, a traditional African bead-weaving stitch, from this master bead artist in a live webinar.

Polygon stitch can be used for an incredible variety of tasks when it comes to designing beaded jewelry. It makes sleek and supple ropes, firm foundations for structural and three-dimensional beadwork, and can easily be combined with most of your other favorite beading stitches.

Register now for this one-time live event on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT. If you are able to attend the live event, you'll have the chance to ask questions to Carol in real-time. If you can't attend the live event, don't worry — you'll be among the first to receive the link to download the recorded event in a follow-up email a few business days after the broadcast.

Take your beading to the next level, or use this opportunity to explore the depths of your seed bead art, and register for Adventures in Polygon Stitch with Carol Huber Cypher today!

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