Mass-Producing Jewelry

A lot of the people who submit their designs to Jewelry Stringing also sell their jewelry. When we get new pieces into the office to photograph them, I often wonder if the designer sells that particular piece in large quantities, or if it’s a one-of-a kind design. A lot of what we accept for the magazine looks like it took some time to make and would be difficult to mass produce. I haven’t ever gone to any of the designers’ websites to see what they sell, and how it differs from what they submit, but I’ve been tempted to look.

If you sell the jewelry you make, you know that an amazing and intricate necklace may sell for $150, but it might take longer to find a buyer for such a piece than for 10 pairs of $15 earrings. And although that necklace may have taken three hours to make, those 10 pairs of earrings may have only taken one hour. Mass production has clear benefits, but they may not be apparent at first.

If you’re like me and wonder about mass producing jewelry, check out Betsy Lehndorff’s web seminar The Art of Production Jewelry: Making Multiples to Maximize Time and Profits. She’ll explain the advantages of making simpler designs that can be sold for less while outlining prototype strategies and assembly techniques. Betsy will also talk about equipment to help you streamline your production process and save time.

Check out The Art of Production Jewelry: Making Multiples to Maximize Time and Profits today! Join Betsy at 1:00 PM EST on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 to learn all about mass producing jewelry.

Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing

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