Make Your Bead Embroidery Come Alive

Many of us look to nature as a seemingly unlimited source of inspiration for our bead embroidery projects, and with good reason: the colors, textures, and shapes of the natural world translate to beautiful bead embroidery projects, especially with all the new shapes and colors of glass beads that are available in your local bead shops. Beaded jewelry designs that are created with natural motifs like vines, berries aren't just beautiful to wear — they can also help you master new beading techniques.

One of the things that I like the most about designing bead embroidery with natural elements is that there's no need to be "perfect". Many of the elements I want to depict in my bead embroidery aren't perfect by nature: the term "organic" means that you can expect some variation in things like lines, shapes, and colors. When so many of us feel so pressured to be perfect in other aspects of our lives, embracing the "imperfections" of organic bead embroidery can be a welcome relief as well as a fun artistic outlet.

You can learn how to create beautiful bead embroidery for embellishing fabric and creating beaded jewelry with master bead artist Nancy Eha in our online Craft U course, Seed Bead Botany. This 4-week online master class will take you through all you need to know from preparing your fabric for beading to the different beading stitches and techniques used to create leaves, vines, flowers, and other botanical features. Whether you're already familiar with bead embroidery and want to learn how to transfer those skills into embellishing fabric, or you're someone who loves to add beaded embellishment to quilts and other fabric crafts, you will love the detailed instructions, videos, and printouts that are included in Seed Bead Botany.

You can work through this course at your own pace, posting photos of your work in the online forums so that Nancy and your fellow students can see and be inspired by your progress. Feedback will be provided by the instructor, and you can get all of your questions answered as you go through each lesson.

This is a unique opportunity to advance your bead embroidery skills with a master bead and quilting artist, so don't wait! Space is limited, so make sure you sign up to reserve your place in Seed Bead Botany with Nancy Eha, beginning February 17, 2015. Once you sign up, head on over to the Beading Daily Shop and purchase your supply kit — all the beads, thread, and needles that you need to complete the course and create beautiful botanical bead embroidery.

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