Make Wirework Jewelry with Kerry Bogert

Jean Campbell

Make wirework jewelry with Kerry Bogert

I had the pleasure last year to get to know Kerry Bogert, a wonderfully whimsical and lovely lady who not only makes colorful, happy lampworked beads, but skillfully and creatively incorporates them into wireworked jewelry. Kerry's just come out with a new book, Totally Twisted.

Because I edited this book, I can tell you firsthand that the projects in it are sensational. Kerry did a great job explaining each step through words and photographs, so that even if you don't consider yourself a wireworker, you'll be able to knock these projects off, no problem. Highly recommended!

Here  are few questions I recently asked Kerry about her latest endeavors:


Q: You’ve got a great book, Kerry. I know you really worked hard on it for months and months, even amidst running a business and a busy family. What on earth made you do it?

A: Classic over-achieveritis made me do it! I had been submitting articles to magazines regularly, then started contributing to books by other artists. So my own book seemed the next logical step to take. I found I had a lot of designs that folks were asking me how to make, and I knew I did a lot of things the “not-supposed-to” way. What better way to pull it all together than in Totally Twisted?

Q: When people ask what you do for a living, what do you tell them?

A: I tell them first that I am a Mom. That is my most important title. Then I tell them that I am a lampwork artist and jewelry designer. I keep the two separate because for me, the artistry comes out in the bead making, and the designer in me makes that art wearable in the finished pieces I create.

Q: Who has been your biggest creative influence? Why?

A: I have two answers for this, first I would say: my family. I come from a rather creative lot of people. My grandfather was an architectural engineer, and I love seeing his old design schoolwork from the 1940s. That creativity was passed down to my aunts and uncles who are quilters, painters, sculptures, and designers. So, being creative helps me have things to chat with them about at family picnics. They are a huge influence. Second, I love art-inspired art. I see the work and styles of artists of the past and it drives my creative thoughts. It’s my favorite way to get inspired.

Q: Envision the perfect day in your studio. How does it go?

A:  It starts with tunes cranking on my radio (I love The Script right now) and a bit of twirling in my blue tutu. I sit at my torch making beads that flow onto my mandrel almost effortlessly. When my cheeks are rosy from the flame, I move to twisting wire at my desk or splashing paint on one my canvases. I end the day with the kids coming in from school in a pleasant mood and art projects of their own. Sigh . . . a girl can dream.

Q: Lampworking Linda and Wireworking Wanda have a Kerry Bogert showdown. Who wins?

A: Wanda won this round only because Linda grabbed her Craftsman 3-pound mini sledgehammer to flatten her S-links. Wanda read my book and knew that was a no-no. Plus, she found a rockin' color combination in the color-wheel portion of the book that put her design over the top.

Q: Let’s say I’m Jane Doe, and I love your work and can’t wait to buy something from you. Do you sell your finished work? Or just beads? How do I contact you?

A: Yes, I sell my finished work, and YES, I sell my beads, too! It is the best of both beady worlds. On my website, finished jewelry designs are in my Jewelry Shop, and beads are found in my Bead Box. Both those are at You can use the Contact link to get in touch, or e-mail me at

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