Make this Sparkly Bracelet and Bling Ring in a Flash

It happens every year. The seasons seemingly fast forward and the holidays are upon us before we finish savoring the last days of summer. I am already thinking up clever ideas for DIY holiday gifts and trying to budget my time accordingly!
Whether you are interested in sprucing up your own holiday party attire with a new bling ring, or whipping up a dazzling bracelet to give to a friend, these kits by Nunn Design make it super easy and super affordable. I’ve shown you just how easy it is to make one of these little beauties in just a matter of minutes! Click HERE to see how to make a sunning cocktail ring or click HERE to watch me make the blingy bracelet.
These Nunn Design ring and bracelet kits are available in silver and gold and have everything you need to make a complete bracelet or ring. What are you waiting for? Order your kit today–making gorgeous sparkly jewelry can’t get any easier than this. Really!Happy crafting!

Debbie Blair, Editor

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