Make This Resin Clay Heart Necklace!

Earlier this year, I started playing with two-part epoxy clay and made some fabulous rings and pendants set with tiny crystal stones. In June, I took at class at York Beads with my bead buddy Betcey Ventrella from Beyond Beadery and got some more inspiration for using other beads like Czech glass daggers in my epoxy clay. It's fun stuff once you learn the basics, and the possibilities are endless! For someone who wants to learn how to think like a jewelry designer, epoxy clay is a great way to play and learn at the same time.

Our friends at Nunn Design have shared this great free jewelry making project with us. Designed by Rochelle Nation, one of the fabulous jewelry designers on the Nunn Design Team, it uses two-part epoxy clay to make a pendant that's easy to personalize. Enjoy!


  • 1 package 2-part epoxy or resin clay
  • Heart bezel
  • 1 crystal chaton
  • 18" of copper chain, depending on desired length
  • Copper toggle of your choice
  • Faceted bead in your choice of color and size
  • 1 1/2" copper head pin
  • Key charm
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Gilder's paste in your choice of color


  • Metal alphabet stamps
  • Paint brush
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Flush cutters


*Heart bezel, resin clay, crystal chaton, copper chain, copper toggle, and key charm all from Nunn Designs        

Step-by-step instructions:


Take equal amounts of Part A and Part B of the resin clay.  Knead both parts together until the clay is uniform in color. 

Next, press the clay into the Nunn Design Ornate Large  Pendant creating a domed effect.

Use your metal alphabet stamps to press the letters into the clay to spell out "Live – Laugh – Love". You can omit the "o" in "Love" if you are using a crystal chaton in its place.

Use the tip of a scribe or an awl to add decorative elements to the stamped letters.

Using the beeswax toothpick that is included in the resin clay kit, add the crystal chaton for the O in Love.  Make sure the crystal sits just below the edge of the clay to ensure that remains in place once the resin clay cures. 

Lay the pendant on a flat surface and allow it to cure overnight.

To highlight the letters on your cured pendant, dab on black acrylic paint into the letters and wipe off the access paint with a paper towel.
Choose your color of choice and use your finger or paint brush to dab gilder's paste on the pendant.
Using your chain nose pliers add 16 inches of copper chain to the pendant. Secure the toggle ring to the end of the chain.

Using the copper head pin, wire wrap your bead of choice and secure it to the toggle ring using a copper jump ring. Add the silver key charm to jump ring as well.

Add an additional 2 inches of copper chain to the toggle bar and secure it to the pendant.
You can even personalize your pendant with a special name, a special date, or another meaningful quote.

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What do you think about epoxy clay? Have you tried it yet? I've been seeing some fabulous beaded jewelry designs using epoxy clay cabochons that are encrusted with crystals, and even some epoxy clay designs using my favorite glass beads and seed beads!

Bead Happy,


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