Make These Easy Mixed Metal Earrings

In yesterday's Beading Daily, we learned about some basic tools for metal jewelry making from metal jewelry artist and instructor Gwen Fuller Youngblood. Today, we'll see how to use those tools to make a pair of lovely mixed metal earrings!


  • (2) pieces of sheet metal, your choice of metals (copper and brass recommended), 24-gauge
  • Ear wires


  • Templates for shapes
  • Metal shears
  • Metal file
  • Bench block and pad
  • Chasing hammer
  • Hole punching pliers
  • Black marker
  • Alcohol swabs or rubbing alcohol (to remove any traces of marker)
  • Chain nose or flat nose pliers


For this project, you'll want to use two different types of sheet metal. You can also use a set of pre-cut metal shapes as accents for these easy metal earrings.
Using the black marker, trace your desired shapes onto the sheet metal. Cut out the shapes using the metal shears and file the edges until smooth. Use alcohol swabs or rubbing alcohol to remove any traces of black marker from your metal shapes.
Place one of the shapes on your bench block and hammer it with the round side of your chasing hammer. Hammering will give the metal shapes a lovely texture! You can texture all of your metal pieces, or leave some of them plain for more contrast.
Punch a hole near the top of each shape using the hole punching pliers.
Using your chain nose pliers, open the loop at the bottom of an ear wire and hang the metal shapes so that the large shapes are in the back and the smaller shapes are on top. Close the loop, and repeat for the other earring.

Thanks to Gwen Fuller Youngblood for this great earring making project!


Gwen explored a variety of creative outlets, from cake decorating to quilting to lampworking, until she discovered jewelry making using wire, metal and fire. These three elements inspire her to be creative and fuel her passion for teaching. As an instructor, Gwen loves the interaction and camaraderie of the classroom. Her mission is to make metalworking techniques accessible to everyone, so that students learn more than they expected and have fun doing it.

Gwen also believes it is important for students to experiment with new techniques without a costly investment in new tools. For that reason, Gwen provides all necessary tools for each student to use in class, whether in her studio, Metal Art Lab, or on the road. As a teacher, Gwen loves to share her knowledge and creativity freely, with a dash of humor and lots of caring patience. 

Please visit her website,, for current class information.


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