Make These Easy Custom Components

caps1What do you do when you can’t find the perfect pendant for that necklace you are working on? Or your local bead shop is out of the finish of bead caps you need for your bracelet? Or you want to make your mom a necklace with a photo-locket to remember that trip you took last summer? There are some things you just cannot buy, and we often forget how fun and rewarding it is to make our own easy custom components.

Editor, Debbie Blair, and I had the chance to play around with some fun ideas for easy custom components when working on the Summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine. Have you ever experimented with pretty paper-backed cabochons? Are you yet to heat things up with enameled charms? Please tell me you’ve made your own cool customized lockets! We fell in love with all of these techniques as well as the adorable loophole bead caps from Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson’s book Handcrafted Metal Findings.

Here’s a sneak peek at how to make Loophole Bead Caps by Kerry Bogert from Handcrafted Metal Findings. Check out the rest of the book for more metal findings how-to’s.


If you’re intrigued by the idea of idea of making your own findings and components, learn how to make the following easy customized components in the Summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine and check out the available kits!


Ingenious Iced Enamels. We love the look of enameled charms but don’t have the means of working with a torch or kiln. So when we discovered these colorful enamel powders that can be melted using a heat gun, well, let’s just say we got a little carried away! Kits available.


Cool Customized Lockets. These hinged lockets can be filled with coordinating paper and charms to create a unique themed pendant with no gluing required! Or, personalize them with a photo, glitter, or fabric and ribbon.


Pretty Paper-Backed Cabochons. For a quick way to add colorful designs to your pendants, paper-back cabochons are the way to go. Using three simple ingredients (patterned paper, glaze, and a glass cabochon) will result in a distinctive component. Kits available.



Megan Lenhausen
Assistant Editor
Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork magazines


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