Make the Perfect Cheesecake (and Bangle!)

I cook a lot, and I often adapt recipes to suit my own tastes. For example, I played with cheesecake recipes for several years, until I found the perfect flavor and consistency. I wanted a dense cheesecake, so I kept cutting down on the number of eggs until I found the balance I was looking for. I also wanted a slightly tangy flavor, which I achieved with the proper ratio of cream cheese and sour cream (but no lemon juice!). I’m not sure I’d call myself a food artist, but there’s definitely an art to creating your own recipe when you can’t find one that exactly matches what’s in your head (or on your palate).


A lot of Cynthia Thornton’s jewelry designs have also been inspired when she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for — so she created it herself! In her latest video series, also available on DVD, Cynthia teaches you how to make custom bangles and cuffs out of resin, then embellish them with crystals and beads. Her techniques allow you to achieve a perfect fit while designing beautiful accessories that exactly suit your style.

Buy Cynthia’s DVD, Custom Cast Bangles & Cuffs, and start designing your own custom bracelets today! (And treat yourself to some cheesecake while you’re at it!)

Custom Cast Bangles and Cuffs

~Lavon Peters, managing editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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