Make Some Waves With Sharilyn Millers Wire Art Jewelry Workshop

One of my new fave books is Sharilyn Miller’s Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. I love all things dipped in the ocean and basking in the sun, especially when it comes to jewelry. Sharilyn teaches you how to make fun jewelry you can not only wear to the beach but all season long. I fell in love with the gorgeous scenery photographed at the seashore. You could create these pieces with the ocean lapping at your feet on a lounge chair AND wear them as soon as you finished!

Wire Art Jewelry Workshop is like a class with Sharilyn packaged in a book and DVD! It’s almost like she’s in your studio coaching you every step of the way! I was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Ms. Miller and ask about her new masterpiece.

You'll love making these wire earrings by Sharilyn Miller that are perfect for any occasion.

Squiggle Earrings

Sharilyn provided suggestions for wire newbies and explained, “there are 67 pages of front matter detailing all the techniques used in the projects that follow. So, go through every technique (using cheap wire!) several times to perfect your skills before attempting to make the actual projects. Then start with the easiest ones: Cage Bead Bracelet, Snake Vertebra Bracelet, and Thai Heart Pendant. From there, start taking up some more challenging projects.”

If you like wire jewelry designs, then you'll LOVE this Grateful Heart Necklace that's fun to make with beads and wire!

A Grateful Heart Necklace

If you run into trouble, use a wire gauge smaller than called for to make a project; for example, if a link in a bracelet is to be made in 16ga wire, make it first in 18ga wire. Once you strengthen your hands through practice, you will find that wire-art jewelry becomes easier and more fun to make. I always pity beginners because they not only have to learn a new skill and put new information into their brains, but they are usually working with weak hands and wrists that are not used to handling pliers and cutters, bending heavy-gauge wire, hammering, etc. It’s quite the challenge until you build up your strength, but then it is SO rewarding once you do!

Learn how to make wire jewelry, such as this Celtic knot bracelet that includes beautiful beads and a wavy design.

Celtic Knot Bracelet

Final word of advice to beginners: take a workshop with a qualified, experienced wire jewelry artist/teacher. Learn the basics thoroughly, practice a lot (using cheap wire and the best quality pliers you can afford), and then add to your knowledge through books and DVDs. I myself learned through several hours of instruction from wire guru Lynne Merchant, and would not have advanced my skills had I not studied intensively with her for nearly two years and spent thousands of hours in diligent practice. And I started out with quality tools, never have owned a cheap tool in my life, thankfully!

I could just swim away with Sharilyn’s designs! Lap stroke your way to the store and buy Wire Art Jewelry Workshop NOW!

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The best is yet to bead!


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