Make Neon-Dipped Beads!

I'm a big fan of the dipped furniture/housewares trend. You know, when just the bottom of a chair or a bowl is dipped in paint. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Table seen at

Bowls from Wind & Willow Home.

Chair from Folklore.


I thought it would be fun to try a similar treatment on plain wood beads. In honor of the neon trend, which was discussed in Chloe's post a few weeks ago, I decided to dip my beads in neon pink paint.

My necklace made with wood beads dipped in neon pink acrylic paint.


 Follow along as I show you what I did . . .

FIRST, I unwound a hanger and used heavy-duty wire cutters to cut off the bent ends. 

I rested the hanger wire over an old shoe box. This is where I dried my beads.

NEXT, I set up a newspaper-covered work surface.

Then, I cut down a small plastic cup and poured paint into it.

AFTER THAT, I dipped each bead in the paint, then slid it on the hanger wire to dry.




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