How to Make a Celestial-Inspired Beaded Bracelet

NASA describes Saturn as the “Jewel of our Solar System.” Of all the planets, Saturn is second in size only to Jupiter and is 945% the size of Earth. That fact alone leaves me speechless, but Saturn has many other characteristics that intrigue me, including its remarkable rings. As artists, we draw our inspiration from the things that amaze us. It’s no surprise that a beaded bracelet design inspired by the jewel of space would have the ultimate “wow factor.”

How to Make Celestial-Inspired Beaded Bracelets

I was most recently dazzled by Carole Ohl’s bracelet, Saturn Connections, from Beadwork April/May 2017. When I gaze at this bracelet I see the repeated image of Saturn right away—do you? Carole used herringbone stitch and metallic silver seed beads at the corners of each element to form what looks like Saturn’s rings surrounding a pressed-glass bead and rounds of cylinder beads.

How to Make Celestial-Inspired Beaded Bracelet

Saturn Connections by Carole Ohl

The components clearly resemble the beautiful planet of Saturn, and the bead colors enhance the astronomical feel. At the center of each component is a 6mm pressed-glass round in a polychrome finish. The polychrome finish can be described as ethereal due to the multiple luminous colors that glow—much like the dark and mysterious sky—when light hits the bead. To contrast the dark center of each component, blue slate AB cylinder beads form the two outermost rounds. The AB finish has the same effect as that of the pressed-glass rounds, emitting a soft glow reminiscent of the stars in the sky.

How to Make Celestial-Inspired Beaded BraceletsFor a limited time, you can get all the materials needed to make this stellar bracelet in one convenient kit. By purchasing the kit (available in multicolor and in dusted lilac) in our store today, you can spend your time gazing at the stars instead of shopping around for materials. Before you know it, the beauty of the solar system will be wrapped around your wrist!

—Megan Lenhausen

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Posted March 13, 2017. Updated February 7, 2018.

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