Make Beaded Ornaments For the Holidays With These 5 Free Beaded Ornament Patterns

For as long as I can remember, beaded ornaments have been part of our holiday traditions. I started out by adding beaded embellishments and sequins to little stuffed felt ornaments, and then as I developed more of an interest in bead-weaving, I started learning how to stitch fabulous beaded netting as ornament covers for colorful glass balls. From there, I started to explore more beading techniques for creating beaded ornaments – I learned how to make candy canes out of beaded ropes like spiral rope, and then once I got bit by the geometric beadwork bug, I learned how to make beaded stars out of shaped peyote stitch!

Beaded Snowflake Ornament

Beaded ornaments are the perfect addition to any Christmas tree, and I love adding them to my holiday table and other household decorations. And don’t forget about decorating yourself this holiday season – beaded snowflakes are classic holiday jewelry for any party, and you can wear them long after Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone.

Fleur-RusseReally, the ideas and beading techniques that can be used to adorn your holiday season are endless, so we’ve collected a little sampling of beaded ornaments projects here for you.

  • French beaded flowers are perfect for making holiday Poinsettias, and Dustin Wedekind’s Fleur Russe would make a beautiful present decoration, beaded holiday pendant, or holiday brooch to brighten up a dark winter night.
  • Who needs the calories and sugar of regular candy canes? Dustin Wedekind’s Double Mint Spiral uses spiral rope to create fun candy canes that won’t add too many inches to your waistline and can grace a pretty holiday table.
  • I can totally get behind snowflakes that you don’t have to shovel – so we included Jean Campbell’s Beaded Snowflake Earrings, and Robin Cowart’s Snowflake Ornament. Whether you want to decorate your Christmas tree or yourself with sparkling beaded snowflakes, you’ll find plenty to love about these free holiday beaded ornaments.
  • Use your skills in stitching geometric beadwork to make a magical beaded star with the Star Topped Magic Wand by Sylvia Becker. Instead of making a magic wand, you can use it to add a beaded ornament to the top of a miniature Christmas tree, or get creative and hang them by silk ribbons from your windows during the holiday season. (They also make great holiday pendants!)

Double Mint SpiralMake some time to deck the halls with lots of fun beaded ornaments this holiday season. Whether you want to make unique beaded holiday jewelry, beaded ornaments for your Christmas tree, decorations for your holiday table or home, or unique package decorations for your holiday gifts, you’ll love stitching up these holiday beading patterns.

Download your free eBook with 5 beaded ornament patterns, and start stitching this weekend.

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