Make Beaded Beach Jewelry for Summer Fun

There’s nowhere like the beach for a dose of relaxation and inspiration. The salty air of an ocean breeze and the sounds of waves hitting the shore are right at the top of the list for relaxing the mind. Whether you’re heading to the beach this summer or you’re daydreaming about it, you can make beaded beach jewelry that reminds you of that calming beach feeling.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” I hope you find some wild air of your own this summer and that it inspires you to look at your beads in a whole new way. Here are some of my favorite beach jewelry and ocean-inspired beadwork designs to inspire you:

Svetlana Chernitsky’s Rolling Waves Bracelet - beach jewelry designs

Svetlana Chernitsky’s Rolling Waves Bracelet

Rolling Waves Bracelet

Stitch up the Rolling Waves Bracelet by Svetlana Chernitsky to remind of your favorite seaside vacation, or pack up your beads and make it by the beach! Use a variation of right-angle weave to stitch alternating Arcos par Puca beads into this bracelet that resembles ocean waves.

Evelína Palmontová’s Ocean Treasures Bracelet

Evelína Palmontová’s Ocean Treasures Bracelet

Ocean Treasures Bracelet

Ocean Treasures Bracelet by Evelína Palmontová is an ode to underwater life. It uses circular peyote stitch and netting to create linked components that resemble tide pools. Each one has intriguing elements that draw you in to look more closely at the design. Piggy beads cleverly conceal pearls along the outer edge and several shapes of beads are layered together to reflect the texture and depth of the sea.

Agnieszka Watts’s Ocean Flowers Bracelet

Agnieszka Watts’s Ocean Flowers Bracelet

Ocean Flowers Bracelet

The Ocean Flowers Bracelet by Agnieszka Watts uses crescent beads to weave a stream of colorful sea urchin-inspired floral components. Combine a tubular peyote stitch variation with circular peyote stitch to make the eye-catching linked elements in this beach jewelry. The earring ideas will get your ideas flowing, too!

Barbara Briggs’s Oceans And Rivers Bangles

Barbara Briggs’s Oceans And Rivers Bangles

Oceans and Rivers Bangles

I love the look of Barbara Briggs’s Oceans and Rivers Bangles strung with beads you make yourself. Work with faux custom river pebbles and beach glass made with polymer clay to avoid drilling holes in stone and glass. These beads glide along the hammer-textured bronze wire bangle, accompanied by tiny sterling silver wire-worked beads, creating perfect beach jewelry.

Living the Beach Life

Your favorite beaded beach jewelry project is something you can make right now to bring some of that calming, beachy feeling into your day. Have fun relaxing into the process and then wearing your new reminder of the beach – don’t forget your sunscreen!

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

Get your beach on with inspiring beach jewelry projects:

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