Make a Wire God's Eye Pendant In Under an Hour!

I get some great inspirations for my beading and wire jewelry making projects from the things my son does in preschool. Just the other day, we made weavings using popsicle sticks and yarn — do you remember making those as a kid? You glue the popsicle sticks together to form a cross, then start weaving yarn around them. We must have made dozens of those growing up, and I thought it might be fun to try to make one out of wire and beads!

Those little stick and yarn weavings that we made as kids are actually called God's Eye weavings. Also known as the Ojo de Dios, these symbols are believed to have originated from the Huichol Indians of Mexico, and are traditionally made with sticks and fibers or yarn. The four points of the God's Eye represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Complex God's Eye weavings are meant to be used as powerful tools and magical objects for rituals. They are symbolic of seeing both the known and the unknown in Native American belief systems.

This wonderful, easy little wire jewelry project can be made in under an hour — really! You don't need a lot of beading supplies and tools, either. Why not try your hand at a little wire weaving?


  • 2 pieces of 18 gauge wire, 5 inches long (start with inexpensive copper or craft wire before moving on to precious metal wire)
  • 5 feet of 22 gauge wire
  • 3 Czech glass spike beads, 17mm x 7mm


  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose or combination pliers

Step by step instructions:

Lay the two pieces of 18 gauge wire so that they form a cross with even arms. This is the frame around which you'll wrap the 22 gauge wire.

Pick up the 22 gauge wire and wrap it around the center of the two 18 gauge pieces of wire. This is the tricky part! You'll have to hold the two wires in place while you wrap the third around them.

Leave a tail of wire approximately 1/2" long, bent up against one arm of the frame. Tightly wrap the wire over, under, and then over each arm of the frame. Working clockwise, stretch the wire down to the next arm of the frame and repeat.

As you make your wraps around each arm of the frame, catch the tail that you bent up against one arm of the frame. Keep your tension on the wire relatively tight.
I made about fifteen wraps around the arms of my frame. You can make your wire God's Eye pendant larger or smaller, as you desire.
To finish, make two or three wraps around one arm of the frame, then trim the wire close to the work. Make a wrapped loop on each end of the frame. To add the spike beads, center a spike bead on a piece of 22 gauge wire and make a wrapped loop, attaching it to one of the wrapped loops of the pendant before finishing your wraps.

There are endless ways to customize this wire jewelry project! You can string seed beads on each length of wire before you wrap it around the frame, or use different beads for your dangles. Carved bone feathers, pressed glass daggers, or even gemstone beads strung on headpins are all ways you can change the look of this wire jewelry project to suit your liking.

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