Make A Morse Code Beaded Bracelet

My friend Tammy Jones over at Jewelry Making Daily sent over a link to this fun DIY bracelet making project: Morse code bracelets made with cylinder beads! They looked like so much fun, I decided to adapt the technique and reached into my hoard of round glass druk and fire polished beads to create my own version. Want to create a special bracelet with a secret message for yourself or someone you love? Here’s how:

Choose a message for your bracelet. I decided to use one of my favorite mantras for medtiation: Aham Prema, which translates to something like, “I Am Divine Love”.

Next, you’ll need 3 colors of beads for your bracelet: 1 color for spacers between words, dots, and dashes; 1 color for your dots, and 1 color for your dashes.

I decided to put my bracelet on stretchy cord, so I cut 8 feet of cord, and then doubled it. Use a wire needle or a piece of bead stringing wire folded in half to string your beads.

Using this handy Morse code reference as my guide, I spelled out my mantra as many times as I could on the stretchy cord, ending with a few spacer beads.

The green and brown beads spell out "aham prema" in Morse code

The green and brown beads spell out “aham prema” in Morse code

To secure my bracelet, I removed my wire needle, and passed the two ends of the cord through the loop. I pushed the beads down towards the loop as I pulled the ends through the loop until it was tight.

Tie a couple of half-hitch knots around the cord, then use your wire needle to pass the ends of the stretchy cord through a few beads. You can add a drop of glue to the knots if you’d like.

Ta-da! The finished stretchy cord Morse code bracelet!


Lately, I really find myself being drawn to the simplicity of these kinds of beaded bracelets. They’re fun to make, easy to wear, and look good with just about anything.

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