Make a Leather Glitter Bracelet!

For some time now I have been lusting after those suede boots with glittery backs. Have you seen them? Not wanting to pay $200 or more for a trendy item like this, I searched the Web for cheaper options and luckily found lots of fun blogs with DIY instructions for making your own pair of glitter boots. This gave me the idea of creating a bracelet using similar techniques. Let me know what you think of it!

Inspiring boots from Barneys (no longer available).

My bracelet inspired by glitter boots.













1 yard of tan leather lace
glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter in smoky quartz)

white craft glue

painter's tape
paintbrush & pen






1] Center the leather lace over your wrist, then wrap each end once around your wrist.
2] Use the pen to mark where you want the glitter.

3] Place tape along the pen marks to keep the glitter contained.

4] Mix some glitter with a bit of a bit of glue and paint it on the lace.

5] Sprinkle glitter over the glue, then gently press it into the glue.

6] Allow to dry. If desired, spray with clear acrylic coating.


7] Tie around your wrist and wear with pride!

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