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We’re celebrating our love for our magazines!

Beadwork, Jewelry Stringing, Quick & Easyand Favorite Bead Stitches magazines pack in so much beading and jewelry-making goodness! Each of these beady magazines brings us something new, inspiring, and beautiful in every issue. The projects, tips, techniques, and stitches come to you from an expert. Detailed illustrations and every word are meticulously reviewed to ensure accuracy and every design is photographed to offer you the best vantage point(s). We do all this to entice you to get beading!

Here’s a  look at some of my favorites.

Beadwork Magazines

In Beadwork magazine, April/May 2015, Barb Switzer shares a bead crochet tutorial. It is immeasurably helpful!
how to bead crochet, Barb Switzer, Beadwork magazine, April/May 2015

Barb takes us bead by bead, from the first bead to weaving the ends together.

I love Beadwork October/November 2015 mostly due to the bangle on the front by Lisa Kan and Lisa’s design brings a smile to my face. I have a few of my own to wear thanks to some shopping with Lisa and they feel great on. This is also the magazine with the debut of the Hubble Stitch!

Beadwork magazine, October/November 2015, Lisa Kan bangles on cover

Bell Flower Necklace was made by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz. The design is a long herringbone rope paired with sculpted flowers made using tubular herringbone. I would love to make this necklace! And can’t you imagine how great it would feel to wear? The pattern and instructions for this beading design are in December/January Beadwork 2016 issue.

Beading pattern, Bell Flower Necklace, by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

Bell Flower Necklace, by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

As a Beadwork Designer of the year, Nichole Starman brings us a new design in every Beadwork magazines throughout 2016. Avignon, a design from the April/May 2016 issue is a stunner, don’t you agree?
Avignon by Nichole Starman, Beadwork April/May 2016This design is made using Nicole’s basting stitch technique and Nichole shares her tip. “Basting keeps the first few layers of beads cinched together so the netted embellishments on the top can be added with even tension.”

Jewelry Stringing Magazines

Irene Z calls to me. Since seeing this vintage necklace design in Jewelry Stringing summer 2016 issue, I’m in search of! Searching for the perfect yellow and navy beads, that is. This beautiful necklace, by Anne Perry, is one of those classic styles. It also mixes things up with a pop of bold colors and stand-out zipper rosettes! I know it’s the perfect design for the Christmas gift list.

How to make vintage jewelry, Irene Z, by Anne Perry, Jewelry Stringing collection

Irene Z by Anne Perry

In this same issue, Tammy Jones, editor of shares her tips and techniques for creating a patina on metal.
Jewelry Stringing Summer 2016, Kitchen Table Patina by Tammy Jones of Jewelry Making Daily

Favorite Bead Stitches Magazines

In Favorite Bead Stitches 2016 magazine issue, the compilation of designs is amazing. A favorite is this lovely O” So Charming Bracelet, by Megan Milliken. This bracelet is woven using triangle-weave and incorporates O beads with seed beads. I love any design with O beads and find the color combination so elegant.

"O" So Charming Bracelet, by Megan Milliken; triangle-weave bracelet using seed beads and O beads

Line ‘em Up Bracelet by Cristina Neit is another favorite. I love the dimension, the use of different shaped beads, and her bold  color combinations.

two-hole triangle beads in Line ‘em Up Bracelet by Christina Neit, 10 Beaded Projects to Make with CzechMates Triangles

Quick & Easy Magazines

True to the title, you’ll find a lot of Quick & Easy  beading patterns and jewelry projects in each issue. Check out Pompadour by Carole Ohl in Quick & Easy Winter 2016. Yummy! What a nice design to wear to a special occasion or something to make for a few special ladies on your gift list.
Beadwork Magazine, Quick & Easy magazine, pompadour, Swarovski crystals, by Carol Ohl

If you’re like me, you’re not quite ready to give in to planning for the holidays. They’re so far away (although not really!). Recently I enjoyed working on the Equilateral Earrings design by Robijo Burzynski while soaking up just a little bit more of summer. This earring pattern can be found in the June/July 2016 Beadwork magazine issue.
Beadwork magazine, June/July 2016, Equilateral Earrings by Robijo Burzynski

No matter where you are in your planning, these magazines offer endless inspiration. Enjoy each page and every design  our cast of bead-weaving and jewelry-making experts shares with us. Have a favorite issue or favorite design? Please share it with us in the comments below.

Yours in creativity,


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