Mad Men Inspired Jewelry!

The wait is over! Season 5 of Mad Men premieres this Sunday. Are you a fan, too? Over the summer, my husband and I caught up on the series, so we're greatly anticipating the return of Don, Betty, Joan, Roger, and the rest of the crew. I admit: I'm hooked!

The show is good for many reasons, one of which, of course, is the gorgeous 60s era clothing and accessories. In honor of the show's return, I thought I would pull together jewelry designs fitting of the show's sometimes likeable, sometimes despicable heroine Betty Francis (formerly Draper). The jewelry shown is from past issues of Bead Star, our annual publication of winning jewelry designs selected by Beading Daily readers. This year's Bead Star winners will be published in Jewelry Stringing magazine. There is still time to enter! Just submit your best designs between April 1 and 27. Grab some beads, turn on Mad Men, and start beading some winning jewelry! 



Clockwise from top left: Crystal Cleopatra by Julie Carlson-Herrera from Bead Star 2011; Betty Draper from Mad Men; Pearl Plush by Moira McEvoy from Bead Star 2011; and Coppery Flower by Kathy M. Pak from Bead Star 2010.

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