Lovely, Lacy, Bead Crochet Jewelry

One of the first crafts I learned from my mother was how to crochet, and even if I didn't quite get the hang of bead crochet right away, it is now one of my favorite beading techniques for making beaded ropes.


But you can do so much more with bead crochet than just make jewelry! Even if you're not a fan of tapestry bead crochet (making flat pieces of bead crochet as opposed to making tubular bead crochet ropes), you can still create lovely, lacy bead crochet edgings for clothing and home accessories that pull double-duty as fabulous jewelry!

Beaded edgings are a hot trend in fashion these days, and making your own bead crochet edgings for your favorite t-shirts and jeans is a great way to add your own personal flair to your wardrobe, too! Mix up your bead colors, thread colors, or bead shapes to express your personality and tastes.


But say you get about seven inches into your bead crochet edging and decide you want to quit? No problem! Add a button clasp or a magnetic clasp, and you have a fabulous bead crochet bracelet. On the other hand, you might get started making a bead crochet edging for you favorite t-shirt and find that you enjoy it so much, you just want to keep on crocheting! No worries, there, either — make it long enough to slip over your head or leave the ends unfinished for a delicate and feminine bead crochet lariat.

Bead crochet edgings can be used for just about anything you can think of — tote bags, hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, and even pillows! If you can't get enough beads in your life and want to explore some new bead crochet projects, then we've got the book for you.


The Beaded Edge 2 has twenty-one beautiful bead crochet edging projects that can be used for whatever your imagination can dream up. Each bead crochet project is fully illustrated and has tips from the author for successful results. And even if you've never tried bead crochet before, you'll find beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions for working the basic bead crochet stitches that you'll need to know to complete each project.

Pre-order your copy of The Beaded Edge 2 and give your bead crochet an edge!

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