Look What You Can Do With Brick Stitch!

Brick stitch, as I've said before, will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first bead-weaving stitch that I felt I had truly mastered, and for a very long time, I used it for all of my beaded amulet bags and most of my beaded jewelry designs. These days, I mostly use it for edgings on my pieces of bead embroidery, but there are so many other wonderful things you can do with brick stitch!

Diane Fitzgerald's classic beading book, Beading With Brick Stitch, is what I used to teach myself all about this amazing beading stitch. I think I made pretty much every  project in that book, and I still use it for both information and inspiration.

Just for fun, I searched through some past Beading Daily blogs to see what's been written about brick stitch, and I found some pretty cool stuff!

Create an Easy Ladder Stitch Bracelet with Michelle Mach. To begin most brick stitch projects, you work a row of ladder stitch, then work brick stitch in subsequent rows. That ladder stitch base is important to your finished piece of brick stitch — if your base row is too wonky or the beads don't lie correctly, you may have problems later as you work. So make sure you have a good understanding of ladder stitch technique before you start your brick stitch beading project!
Why I Love Brick Stitch by Leslie Rogalski. Leslie knows the value of brick stitch — she uses it in quite a few of her beautiful beading patterns! Some of the reasons she loves brick stitch are the same reasons why I love this beading stitch: Brick stitch holds its shape well, it's easy to create triangles and geometric shapes in brick stitch, and the variations of brick stitch make it a very versatile bead-weaving stitch!
Brick Stitch Makes Perfect Peyote Stitch Bezels. After I learned peyote stitch, I never thought that I'd be able to use brick stitch when making an open-backed bezel for a cabochon or crystal stone. But, yes, using brick stitch to create the first few rows of an open-backed peyote stitch bezel can mean the difference between getting a perfect fit on the first try, or spending lots of time ripping out when your bezel doesn't fit properly.
Readers Share: A Bounty of Brick Stitch Projects. Earlier this year, I asked our readers to share their best brick stitch projects with me. What resulted was one of the most popular blogs ever on Beading Daily! Take a look at some of the wonderfully creative brick stitch projects sent in by our readers! (They're still great!)

While I was brainstorming about this blog with a friend, she asked me if I had ever done brick stitch with some of the new two-hole seed beads out there. What a brilliant idea! While I haven't actually gotten around to using either my Twins or my SuperDuos for brick stitch, I did start playing with brick stitch using some of my Tila beads and seed beads. So far, using brick stitch with the Tila beads results in a cool, staggered bead placement, and the overall beaded fabric feels a lot sturdier than if I were to use another stitch like peyote stitch or square stitch!

Learn more about brick stitch and eleven other essential bead-weaving stitches in Doodlebeads Volume 1 with bead artist Leslie Rogalski. You can watch step-by-step as Leslie demonstrates the basics of twelve bead-weaving stitches, including brick stitch, herringbone stitch, spiral rope, even and odd count peyote stitch, and lots of variations on each beading stitch. If you know someone who wants to learn the basics of bead-weaving, this would make a perfect holiday gift — or get it as a gift for yourself!

Get your copy of Doodlebeads Volume 1 and see just how far you can go with twelve basic beading stitches. If you haven't yet mastered brick stitch, this is the perfect way to get started!

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Do you have a reason to love brick stitch? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share it with us!

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