Letting Your Materials Speak for Themselves

One of the greatest skills that a jewelry designer can develop is restraint. With the overwhelming array of amazing beads, findings, and components that are readily available, I have found that the most difficult part of designing a new piece is choosing just a few of these items to use. I am always tempted to use as many of them as I can! At times like these I have to remind myself that sometimes the most striking pieces (and most of the pieces that make up my own jewelry collection) are ones that only use a few different components, and allow the materials to carry the design. I just finished the necklace pictured at the bottom of this post and realized that it is a great example of an instance when less really is more.

I found these natural agate gemstones from Rings & Things in our stash and immediately fell in love with them.

The organic look of their unfinished edges and the high sheen of their polished facets makes for a naturally stunning combination. Since these details could easily be lost in a busy design, I knew that I would need to limit myself to choosing just a few simple materials to pair them with. I dug up some fire agate pebbles from Bead Trust and a dainty glass-pearl chain from MK Beads. A few wrapped loops later–voila:

I had enough of the pearl chain to leave the necklace fairly long. I like the dramatic effect that the length lends to the finished design–and not needing to fumble with a clasp in order to put it on is definitely an added bonus!

I might have to debut this necklace at happy hour this evening!

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