Let's Bring Back the Lost Art of Mentoring! Comment to Win a Free Jewelry Design Course

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It's no doubt that working with a mentor can truly enhance the learning experience. That same concept applies to the world of jewelry making-sure, it's great to bead solo, but sometimes having an extra set of eyes on your work can really get those creative juices flowing!

I'm always interested to hear how artists first got their start in their craft. Sometimes, it seems like they saw a piece of jewelry in a store or on Pinterest and set out to make something similar on their own, but more often than not, those who are serious about their craft were first introduced to it by a friend. In fact, our very own Jean Campbell has recently connected with her dentist's wife to begin showing her the ropes of beading! It's all about making connections, right?

So, what about you? Have you shared the joy of beading and jewelry-making with a friend or loved one, or did someone introduce you to the art and help nurture your growth? New York Institute of Art and Design believes in the value of mentoring and provides one for each student in its online Jewelry Design course.

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