Less Than 24 Hours Left to Save On My Favorite Beading Resources

Yes! You have less than 24 hours left to save big on some of my favorite beading resources during the Resolve to Save Sale in the Beading Daily Shop! Why take advantage of this great sale? For starters, you can round out your collection of beading books with some essential, must-have reference books.

Best Beading Book Deals Under Eight Bucks

The Beader's Companion was one of the first beading reference books I ever bought, and my copy is so worn out and dog-eared that it's probably worth it for me to replace it by now. Whether you're an experienced beader who knows the ins and outs of bead-weaving, or if you're a beginner just getting hooked on this marvelous craft, you'll be doing yourself a favor to get a copy of The Beader's Companion. Wonderful illustrations, helpful instructions, and comprehensive information about beading supplies and beading tools make this a must for every beader's bookshelf.
When I first got a look at Carol Cypher's Mastering Beadwork, I wished that it had been available when I started beading thirteen years ago. If someone asks me for a recommendation of a beading "textbook", this is, invariably, the book I recommend. Not only are Carol's instructions clear and beautifully written, I love the way she encourages you to experiment with these classic bead-weaving stitches on your own with her "Try This…" suggestions. An added bonus feature: the book is spiral-bound so that it lays flat while you're working.

Is your beading book library missing a couple of the classics?

Challenge yourself in 2013 to add new techniques to your bead-weaving projects with Rachel Nelson-Smith's Seed Bead Fusion. Rachel takes beadwork to a whole new level in her innovative, three-dimensional designs, and her use of wire wrapping techniques with seed beads isn't like anything I've ever seen before. If, like me, you've ever avoided wire jewelry making projects for one reason or another, this is the book that will change your mind about mixing jewelry making techniques for fabulous modern beaded jewelry.
And speaking of three-dimensional beading projects, Diane Fitzgerald's The Beaded Garden is another classic that belongs in every beader's library. Before we were making three-dimensional geometric shapes with our beading needles and thread, we were making beaded flowers like these. These beaded flowers work up fast and easy, and be modified in so many ways! Make your beadwork bloom with creativity when you learn how to stitch up these beauties!

Go Digital With Beadwork Magazine

I've been reading Beadwork magazine faithfully as long as I can remember being interested in beads. And if you're like me and want to preserve your precious paper copies, having Beadwork magazine available as a digital download is the best thing since FireLine beading thread!

If you think it's time to pack away or donate your paper magazines and replace them with digital copies, this is the time to do it. During the Resolve to Save sale, you can download an entire year of Beadwork magazine, complete with all of the original content, for less than ten bucks. Replace all your paper copies going back to 2005 with digital copies, and make room on your shelves for more beads, right?

Learn How to Customize Your Beadwork For Less Than Nine Bucks

I'm one of those people who learn best when I see something demonstrated in front of me. But because traveling to a class isn't always possible for me, I'm so thankful for great beading videos that I can download right onto my desktop of laptop! There's something of the instant gratification factor at play here, too, because when you download a video, it only takes a few minutes before you can take out your beads and start stitching.

The other bonus? You can rewind and watch the video as often as you need, until you're comfortable with the beading techniques being demonstrated. What's not to love?

Learning how to capture objects without a hole (like cabochons and crystal stones) opens up worlds of design possibilities for your beading projects. In How to Stitch Beaded Bezels, Melinda Barta takes you through six easy lessons that show you how to use your favorite bead-weaving stitches to create secure and beautiful beaded bezels.
And after watching Melinda's How to Stitch Custom Clasps, my new favorite phrase is, "No clasp? No problem!" Once you find out just how easy it is to use your favorite bead-weaving stitches to create your own clasps to complement your favorite beaded jewelry designs, you'll probably never buy another pre-made clasp again!

These fantastic beading bargains won't last long — the big Resolve to Save Sale is over tonight, January 29, 2013 at 12:00 midnight CST, so head on over to the Beading Daily Shop to see what else is on sale!

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