Leather Queen II

Few month ago I received two orders on two of my very first necklaces: Leather Queen and The Earth.
They both have been ordered by the same person as the originals I kept for myself.

  The Leather Queen II turned out to be much more elegant monarch.

I have used the same colours for seed beads, but struggled to find right tumble stone for focal so I had to replace it with the one I had and I am quite pleased with it. This time instead of 2mm leather round cord I used leather flat trim. I did not cut the trims myself, they were bought in shop. It gave this necklace such delicate look. The leather was a delight to work with, very thing and soft. This time I used a bit different technique to wrinkle the leather, instead of gluing fold after fold from the  front side of necklace, I covered all the back side with resin glue and before it stuck for good to necklace I have "winkled" the leather, letting the folds to glue from inside. That was much tidier way to finish this piece.

This is the original necklace

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