Learning Right-Angle Weave the Easy Way with Marcia DeCoster

I’ve learned many stitches since becoming assistant editor for Beadwork magazine. I worked my way through peyote and brick, herringbone and netting, even chenille. However, one stitch that intimidated me was right-angle weave. I decided to take my own advice from “Learning Kumihimo the Hard Way” and seek some resources before attempting a right-angle-weave project. I used bead-weaving artist Marcia DeCoster’s video download collection to learn right-angle weave and cubic right-angle weave. I didn’t encounter a single problem, and my only investment was some time and practice.

The very first resource I turned to for learning right-angle weave was our own blog. I looked for tips, tricks, and anything else I could find on the technique. I found quite a few great articles about the stitch, all of which recommended Marcia DeCoster’s videos. Lavon Peters, Beadwork’s managing editor, wrote about her experience with Marcia’s videos in “How to Stitch Right-Angle Weave and its Variations” and then shared her enjoyment of the stitch in “How I Learned to Love Cubic Right-Angle Weave”. Tammy Honaman, Beadwork’s editor, also wrote about learning from Marcia in “Learning Basic and Cubic Right-Angle Weave”. If you want to learn right-angle weave, Marcia seems to be the master!

Marcia DeCoster

Right-Angle Weave Video Series

Marcia’s series includes five video downloads. The lessons start with the basics and end with you being able to create anything you can dream up with right-angle weave and all of its variations. If this stitch is one you’ve also hesitated learning, or if you could use a refresher, I recommend starting with Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster. This video provides you with foundational knowledge of the stitch and bridges into different variations, including flat and tubular right-angle weave.

After the first video, I recommend watching Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Fundamentals. Marcia takes the time to truly explain right-angle weave in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow and understand. This video will help clear up many of the questions you may have, as well as help resolve issues that might have made the stitch seem complex.

Marcia DeCoster

Take the next step and use right-angle weave to create shapes with Marcia’s advice, tips, and tricks in Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Shapes. Marcia even demonstrates how to use the stitch to create bezels and other components.

Then, try Marcia’s next lesson, Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Embellishment. This video features Marcia’s tips on using color and structure to enhance your designs, as well as experimenting with layering and shaping. It will seem as if you are flying through these videos as you continue to advance your right-angle weave skills.

Marcia DeCoster

Before you know it, you will be ready to tackle, what might be one of the most confusing stitch variations in bead weaving—prismatic right-angle weave. Prismatic right-angle weave is a variation of cubic right-angle weave in which the number of beads used is something other than 4, creating a variety of prisms made out of 3, 5, or more “walls.” Reading that definition and understanding how to accomplish this stitch are very different things. Luckily, Marcia can help!

Start the last video in Marcia’s series, Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Prismatic Right-Angle Weave and More Shaping Techniques, with the confidence you’ve gained from the previous videos. Marcia makes the more advanced stitch variations seem simple, using the same terminology she started the series with and going over the steps several times. Watching these videos feels like having your own private class with her!

It Just Makes Sense

Right-angle weave doesn’t have to feel frustrating or complex. My experience with right-angle weave was nothing like my encounter with kumihimo, during which I kept making mistakes and having to start over. With Marcia’s videos, I felt confident that I was actually learning, and the process was fun.

I may need a bit more practice before I’m able to design my own projects using right-angle weave. However, I now feel confident that I could follow a pattern using any variation of the stitch. I’m officially joining the bandwagon! If you want to understand right-angle weave and all of its intricacies, go to the master, Marcia DeCoster. She’s just a click away!

Marcia DeCoster

Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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