Learn to Make Beaded Lace

I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with lace. When I began knitting six years ago, I immediately wanted to jump straight into lacemaking. Since becoming a beader, I still want to make beautiful, lacy projects—with beads! The Beaded Lace web seminar is the perfect chance for all of us who are obsessed with lace to learn wonderful new ways to make more lacy things!

Beader and lace-maker Cynthia Newcomer Daniel hosts the upcoming web seminar Beaded Lace: How to Make Gorgeous Beaded Lace with Seed Beads and Your Favorite Off-Loom Bead-weaving Stitches to give you the skills you need to start creating your own beautiful beaded lace. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to learn from Cynthia’s nearly 50 years of expertise in beading and jewelry-making.

So if you’re interested in adding new beadweaving techniques to your repertoire, or if you want to apply lacemaking concepts to your beading, then our upcoming webinar is just what you need! Join us to learn how to make stunning lace for display or wear using seed beads and off-loom beadweaving techniques.

Cynthia will teach those who attend the web seminar:

  • Off-loom bead-weaving techniques to make lace using seed beads
  • Technical lace-making terms, such as what a “bridge” is, and when it is used
  • Traditional lace-making techniques and structures
  • Methods to identify structural elements of lace
  • Which bead-weaving stitches to use when making beaded lace, and how to use them correctly
  • How to design your own beaded lace to make into jewelry or art
  • Plus so much more!

Join us for the beaded lace seminar at 1 pm EST on December 16 to learn from Cynthia. Admission is $19.99, and if you're unable to attend the web seminar live, you’ll have access to a recorded version! However, those who attend the live seminar will be able to ask Cynthia questions. The recorded version of the seminar will be sent to attendees within one week of the live event.

See more of Cynthia Newcomer Daniel's amazing beaded lace and jewelry.

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Anna Harvilla
Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing 

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