Free Beaded Rope Projects You’ll Love

Learn fun beading techniques from the free Beading Patterns for Beaded Ropes eBook.For most of us, our introduction to beaded ropes came by way of making tubular versions of our favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches, or by creating a classic spiral rope. There’s something incredible about watching a few rounds of bead stitching turn into a fabulous beaded rope; that’s why we’re giving you these FREE beaded rope patterns!


Beaded ropes have come a long way in the last few years, evolving from a simple solution for hanging a beaded pendant or making a simple beaded bracelet to becoming stand-alone works of wearable beaded art. Beaded rope patterns can be made from just about any off-loom bead-weaving stitch, including right-angle weave, peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, square stitch, or brick stitch. Working a tubular form of any off-loom bead-weaving stitch will give you a beaded rope that’s unique and just full of possibilities for embellishing! Click here to see the possibilities in the Free Beading Patterns for Beaded Ropes eBook.

Adding beaded embellishments to your beaded rope patterns is half the fun of creating with these tubular bead-weaving stitches. Whether you prefer to include pearls and crystals, tiny glass beads, or even more seed beads of varying sizes and shapes, you can create unique beaded rope patterns for any occasion. Take a look at these five free beading projects that we’ve chosen to get you started playing and experimenting with Beaded rope patterns!

5 Free Beaded Rope Patterns

This fun beading rope necklace project can be found in the Beaded Ropes free eBook.Learn how to finish any beaded rope with a clever wire ending when you stitch up the Omega Connector by Sharon Bateman. The project itself is shown with an African Helix beaded rope, but you can easily adapt this technique to any beading stitch you like. You’ll learn step-by-step how to create a professional-looking finish for your beaded necklace using an easy wire and bead technique that will result in less wear and tear on the ends of your beaded rope.

Maggie's Weave by Marlene Blessing is a fun beaded rope project that helps individuals learn a beading technique.Herringbone stitch is always a popular way to make a beaded rope, and Maggie’s Weave by Marlene Blessing shows just how easy it is to create patterns and texture in a beaded rope made of this stitch. This beaded necklace project uses two tubular herringbone stitch ropes along with basic stringing and crimping techniques to mix chain, metal beads, handmade artisan lampwork beads, and seed beads for a fashion-forward necklace. Accented with handmade glass lampwork beads, this earthy fashion-forward necklace can be designed to suit any taste or occasion.

The Aegean Sea lariat project by Scarlett Lanson is a basic spiral rope pattern that is vintage-looking.The classic spiral rope pattern gets a whole new funky turn in the lariat, Aegean Sea by Scarlett Lanson. Using crystals, pearls, and faceted glass beads to create rich, luscious texture that combines perfectly with vintage-looking brass chain and a bead-embellished brass centerpiece. This cleverly embellished spiral rope can be worn a number of different ways, and the brass focal ring is a classic design element for modern beaded jewelry. Basic spiral rope never looked as elegant as it does in this beaded lariat project!

Learn to make a colorful lariat in the free Beading Patterns for Beaded Ropes eBook. The Eye of the Peacock fun necklace project can be found there.If you love color, you’ll be thrilled to stitch up the lariat, Eye of the Peacock by Kerrie Slade, using an easy twisted herringbone rope to support two fun peacock “feathers”. Crystal rings and Lapis gemstone beads make this a bold beaded necklace project. This lightweight beaded lariat is a beautiful nod to the Art Deco style of design, but modern enough that you’ll go out of your way to wear this beautiful beaded lariat.

The Satin Spirals Bracelet by Julie D'Amico-Beres is a fun spin on easy spiral rope technique and can be found in the free Beaded Ropes eBook.Finally, the Satin Spirals Bracelet by Julie D’Amico-Beres puts a fun spin on easy spiral rope. The fun texture of this beaded bracelet made from basic spiral stitch comes from the combination of three different types of glass beads. Using brightly colored Czech fire polished beads and crystal pearls, this beaded bracelet is the perfect playground for your whimsically-shaped clasps!

So the next time you need a fun beading project to exercise your creativity and practice your favorite tubular bead-weaving stitches, look no further than a beaded rope! Find out what you will you create with your beaded rope using the Beading Patterns with Beaded Ropes Free eBook!


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