Learn Right-Angle Weave and Bead a Stylish Bangle Bracelet

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to bead, so I was excited when one of our SuperDuo Spiral Bangle kits landed on my desk. I loved this design when we published it in October/November 2015 Beadwork. Lisa Kan’s materials and colors are spot-on, as usual — and this right-angle weave project is easier than it looks!

Materials and Colors

The SuperDuo Spiral Bangle uses metallic dark blue iris size 11° seed beads for the inside edge and four colors of 2-hole SuperDuos for the outside edge. When we restocked the kit for this bracelet, we found that the matte blue iris SuperDuos from the original design were no longer available. We substituted metallic suede blue, and the effect is equally beautiful.

Right-angle weave

All the beads in the SuperDuo Spiral Bangle kit are very high quality. I didn’t have to cull any of the seed beads for irregularities. The SuperDuos are likewise uniform in shape, and I didn’t find a single plugged hole in my beads.

Stitching the Bracelet

I admit, I really like right-angle weave. (Read about my first experience with the stitch in “How To Stitch Right-Angle Weave and its Variations.”) I started the inside edge of the bracelet while watching TV one evening, and in no time I was chugging along with my stitches. Amazingly (to me), I was even able to follow the TV show while working!

The instructions for this bracelet are very repetitive, so once you get the hang of it you have plenty of time to practice right-angle weave while making the inside edge. I was actually a bit bored with the stitch by the time I completed all 320 right-angle-weave units. (Yes, you read that right! Sixty-four units in each of the five rounds.)

Right-angle weave

Adding the SuperDuos for the outside edge is a breeze. Technically, this step is peyote stitch — although it’s the easiest peyote you’ll ever work, because the SuperDuos make the technique a cinch. The only mistake you might make is adding beads in the wrong order, but after the first round I didn’t even need to look at the instructions to keep the spiral pattern going.

Right-angle weave

Zipping the edges of the bracelet closed is simple, too. (Of course I missed a seed bead about an inch in and had to rip out several stitches to fix it. I swear I’m not beading if I’m not ripping out work at some point!)

Right-angle weave

Pro Tip #1: The kit doesn’t include the black 5mm rubber cord for the inside of the bangle. I ordered some cord, but I was anxious to finish the project and didn’t want to wait. So I substituted black paracord, which worked great! I cut a piece of paracord twice as long as the bracelet circumference, burned the ends to melt them closed, and doubled up the cord to fill the hollow space. It worked like a charm! And in the event of an emergency, I can break open my bangle to use the paracord for any number of things: tourniquet, sutures, fishing line, shoelace….

Pro Tip #2: Adjusting the size of the bangle is relatively simple. If you want a larger or smaller bracelet, just make more or fewer right-angle-weave units to start (in increments of four, to maintain the SuperDuo spiral pattern).

SuperDuo Spiral Bangle Kit

If you’re looking for a quick but fabulous bracelet project, I definitely recommend this design. Whether you’d like to learn right-angle weave or you’re an old pro, you’ll love how quickly the bangle works up.

In addition, the SuperDuo Spiral Bangle kit includes all the beads you need to make not just ONE but probably THREE bracelets! (So, when my rubber cord finally arrives, at least I’ll still have a use for it!)

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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