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Leslie Rogalski Are you trying to learn or improve peyote?
When I first tried to learn peyote it drove me nuts. Those first rows twisted around, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the fix. And why did they call all the first beads strung the first TWO rows? I couldn’t understand why everyone loved peyote, but I was determined to find out what I was missing. I had to learn why everyone thought peyote stitch was so cool. 

The best peyote tip
What brought me around was a simple trick I have to share again, because it is the best trick ever if you are trying to learn peyote stitch. String the first two rows of beads, even- or odd-count. Run another long needle through every other bead, starting with the second bead strung. Put clips on the end of the needle to keep it from sliding out of your row of beads. 

Isn’t it clear which beads are the “out” or “up” beads for your next row of stitching? That needle pulled the beads in your first row into position so your rows won’t twist. Work another 3 or 4 rows, then gently remove the needle from the first row.

Variations to try
Use this needle trick in your peyote stitching today, in minutes, when you download our 7 Peyote Stitch Patterns eBook. It’s absolutely free for Beading Daily members. Start with super-easy rings, then discover a cool way to work in odd-count peyote, get a great tip for expanding rows of circular peyote, learn to read a charted pattern, and more. There’s even a blank chart for you to create your own patterns. These variations will take you to new levels in your technique and design possibilities.

Finger Food rings by Leslie Rogalski are a perfect project to start learning peyote. Photo by Frank DiSantis.

It’s easy to see why The Illusion design by Julie Ann Smith may be our most popular project ever.

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