Learn Odd-Count Peyote: Free Video and Tips

Easy Turn for Odd-Count Peyote

Leslie Rogalski
Editor in Chief, Step by Step Beads 

Do you think odd-count peyote is a wicked ol’ stitch?  Does the extra time and tangle to make that quirky figure-8 twist at the end of every row just burn you up? 

Well, check out this easy trick and you’ll be the Wizard of Odds in no time! In my Odd Count Peyote Doodlebeads video, learn how to work odd-count peyote using a simple looping stitch, making odd-count now as easy as even-count—and opening a world of design possibilities for you.

Odd count peyote has a center line of symmetry, which is the key to its powers for geometric balance. It’s amusingly ironic: odd-count has a more “even” look to it than even-count!  With symmetrical beads at both sides, there’s a definite middle bead smack in the center of each row. Attaching a clasp or other focal beads becomes simpler. Center line symmetry allows you to increase and decrease in perfect harmony. Taper ends to an elegant central point or slice off at an angle; either way, you wind up with a dramatic ending.  

So let the glorious news be spread, the wicked odd stitch at last is dead! Once you know this easy turning method, nothing will hold you back from making odd-count projects. Make sure not to miss of our designs by subscribing to Step by Step Beads. Once you've mastered peyote with Doodlebeads, you'll be inspired to try projects like the Celtic Cuff and the Starburst pendant as featured in Step by Step Beads.

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Free Peyote Stitch eBook

Once you've mastered odd-count peyote, take a look at Midnight Garden Cuff by Lynn Davy.  This odd-count peyote bracelet pattern with seed beads and crystals is free in Peyote Stitch Projects with Beading Daily:  5 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns.  Inside this free ebook, you'll also find 3 other peyote bracelet patterns, an easy peyote stitch ring project, step-by-step illustrated peyote stitch instructions, and a sheet of graph paper to make your own designs.   

Leslie Rogalski is the Editor in chief of Step by Step Beads, Bead Star and Creative Jewelry. A regular presenter on the PBS TV show Beads, Baubles and Jewels, she'll be demonstrating a sneak peek at the next Doodlebeads video at Bead Fest Wire in May and teaching classes at Best Fest Philadelphia in August, both in King of Prussia, PA. Leslie welcomes and responds to comments posted on the website

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