Learn How to String Beads: 5 Free Patterns for Stringing Beads

Bead stringing is very often the first jewelry-making technique learned by beginners who want to find out how to make their own handmade beaded jewelry. But there's more to it than just putting beads on a string — bead stringing projects are very often the perfect combination of art and craft, using a wide variety of materials such as gemstones, crystal, glass, pearls, and ceramic beads. Bead stringing projects can also include mixed media jewelry supplies like silk ribbon, resin pendants or focals, and recycled or upcycled components.

We've chosen five of our favorite bead stringing projects for you in Learn How to String Beads: 5 Free Patterns for Stringing Beads that will help you refine your bead stringing skills like crimping, stringing, and even basic wire skills like how to make wire wrapped loops and wire wrapped beads.

  • Fleurs Noveau by Denise Yezbak Moore includes a piece of bright blue sari silk ribbon to complement the colorful glass beads used in this beaded necklace design
  • Knot Me by Cody Westfall features a unique focal point created by tying strands of glass beads and crystal pearls into a lovely knot
  • Chinese Lanterns by Terri Wlaschin combines handmade lampwork glass beads with seed beads in an innovative bead stringing design
  • Mesdames Collier by Samantha Slater uses a graceful metal filigree as a centerpiece for a multi-strand bead stringing necklace
  • Sunflower by Lorelei Eurto is the perfect artful balance of gemstone, glass, and ceramic beads

PLUS get ten creative stringing shortcuts from master jewelry artist Andrew Thornton! These easy bead stringing techniques are perfect for when you just want to get out your beads for a quick beading project or last-minute gift.

Download your copy of Learn How to String Beads: 5 Free Patterns for Stringing Beads and get started stringing beads today!


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