Learn How to Stitch Beaded Vines and Flowers with Bead Artist Nancy Eha

One of the perks of being the online editor for Beading Daily is that I get to preview a lot of great beading resources like books, magazines, videos, and online courses. So I jumped at the chance to preview the new Seed Bead Botany course, taught by bead artist Nancy Eha.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Nancy's work, she is the author of Bead Creative Art Quilts and Bead Creative Like Crazy, two fabulous books full of inspiring bead embroidery techniques that can be used to create incredible beaded art quilts. But what intrigued me was how I might apply some of these bead embroidery techniques to my beaded jewelry designs. These beautiful beaded embellishments inspired by nature can be applied to things like beaded cuff bracelets, beaded necklaces, and beaded pendants.

I've long wanted to learn how to do bead embroidery on fabric. I'm not much of a sewer or a quilter, but I'm always tempted by the colorful prints and patterns I see at the fabric store. Once I got the preview of the Seed Bead Botany course, I figured it was the perfect excuse to hit my local thrift shop and select a few fabrics to add to my stash of craft supplies and goodies.

Within just a few minutes of prepping my fabric and watching the instructional videos, I was stitching my seed beads down on the fabric — and they were staying flat! For me, half the battle of learning how to create bead embellishments on fabric has been just trying to get the beads to stay where I put them. Beading on fabric is not the same as beading on my stiffer, felted bead embroidery medium, but knowing how to stitch my beads on fabric has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me!

We're extending the deadline for signups for this fabulous online learning opportunity, so take advantage of it and register for Seed Bead Botany with Nancy Eha. You'll be able to post pictures of your progress, get your questions answered by Nancy as you work through each of the four weeks in this course, and interact with your fellow students. If you've ever wanted to expand your horizons and learn how to add beautiful beaded embellishments like vines, berries, and flowers to your bead embroidery projects. This amazing four-week class is filled with great beading tips and techniques, patterns, videos, and instructions that you can use to add new dimension to your beading projects.

This online learning opportunity begins on August 19, 2014, so make sure you register for Seed Bead Botany with Nancy Eha today, and bring some new natural beauty to your beading projects!

Bead Happy,


P.S. Check back later this week to see my progress as I learn how to stitch beaded vines, flowers, and leaves on fabric!

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