Learn How to Make an Easy Wire Bird's Nest Pendant

A couple of months ago at Bead Fest Philadelphia, I agreed to do a wire jewelry-making demo for our friends at Parawire, and I knew that I needed to find a wire jewelry project that would be quick, easy, and used at least a couple of beads. So what else would I do? I picked up my pliers and started practicing my techniques for making itty bitty wire bird's nest pendants!

I love these pendants so much because there really is no wrong way to make them. Is your base really messy? No problem. There's no need to strive for perfection with these little beauties — nature in all her imperfections is already perfect!

These wire jewelry making components work great as pendants, bracelets, or even lightweight earrings. Enjoy!


  • 4 feet of 22-gauge wire, dead soft (copper craft wire works well here, and comes in a nice variety of colors, too!)
  • 3 white or cream 6mm crystal pearls or gemstone beads (make sure they'll slide over the tail end of your wire comfortably before you begin)


  • Flush cutters
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers OR
  • Combination pliers

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Slide the three 6mm beads on one end of the wire, leaving a 4" tail. Give them a little twist to secure them into a triangle shape.
Step 2: Flip the beads over and use your fingers to make a small loop. This will be the base of your nest.
Step 3: Use your fingers to make loops around the bottom of your nest. Don't fret about neatness — just keep winding that wire! Make loops that gradually get larger and start to work you way up the side of your pearls until your base is about 1" in diameter.

Step 4: Take your tail and pass it up between two pearls opposite the point at which you made your first loop. Pass the tail down between the same two pearls and through the base to anchor the pearls into the nest.

With the working end of the wire, start to make loose wraps around your coiled nest. Don't pull your wraps too tight. Messy is good, and you want to have enough slack to be able to kink the wraps later on with your pliers.

Step 5: Continue wrapping until you're happy with the look of your nest.
Step 6: Use your chain nose or combination pliers to give the wraps little kinks to make them look like a nest. Tuck your wire tails down the back of the pendant. For finishing, you can bend one wire straight up the back and make a wrapped loop for hanging, or you can nip the ends of both wires and add a jump ring to one of the kinks around the outside edge of your nest. 

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