Learn How to Design Your Own Beaded Beads In a Live Webinar

My beaded beads have come a long way, from my very first experiments with simple peyote stitch tubes, all the way to creating a beaded bead-within-a-beaded bead while I was learning how to create a beaded dodecahedron using right-angle weave. There are so many ways to embellish and enhance this basic beaded structure to make fabulous beaded beads using all kinds of your favorite beading supplies and glass beads. Small round glass druks, crystal bicones, two-hole seed beads, and even two-hole Tila beads can all be used to create an amazing array of self-supporting beaded beads.

Wow, sounds complicated, right? It certainly took a lot of trial, and even more errors, before I figured out what I was doing and could design my own beaded beads. If you've always wanted to learn how to create your own beaded beads, now you can learn the basics in a special live webinar: How to Make Beaded Beads: Instructions and Techniques for Creating Outstanding Beaded Beads  with bead artist Cindy Holsclaw.

Cindy is known for her incredibly detailed beaded beads, made with everything from seed beads to Tila beads. Her organic-inspired beaded beads make beautiful pendants, necklaces, and earrings, and now you can learn the fundamentals of creating your own beaded beads using these sculptural bead-weaving techniques.

In this special live event, you'll learn the basic techniques for making both a dodecahedron and cube form as the foundation for your beaded beads, as well as basic techniques and ideas for embellishing these forms to turn them into magnificent little beaded beads! You'll see how just one basic shape can be used to create several different kinds of beaded beads, how to make a self-supporting beaded bead, and how to tell when an inner core or support would work best.

Register now for this special one-time live event on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT. You'll be able to listen live and ask Cindy questions in real time. After the webinar, you'll receive an email with a link to a download so that you can keep the entire webinar on your desktop or laptop computer, and refer to it again and again as you start to create your own beaded beads. Make sure you reserve your seat now for How to Make Beaded Beads: Instructions and Techniques for Creating Outstanding Beaded Beads and find out how you can create your own intricately stitched beaded beads.

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