Learn How to Bead – Circular Netting Tutorial

The open lacework of beaded netting adapts easily to odd shapes, making it a great technique for covering an object with beads. Drape a spherical ornament with circular fl at netting. Make a beaded bead or cover strung beads with tubular netting. Begin a bottle cover with a flat circular net at the neck, then work the sides with tubular netting. A single “net” is made up of one intersection bead between two legs of beads. To make a flat net, you must increase the length of the legs on each round; for a tube, the legs are the same length in every round. Add or subtract leg beads as necessary to achieve the desired change in size.

Circular netting can also be used to create a beaded cabochon bezel, a beaded component for a necklace or a bracelet, or a pair of delicate beaded earrings.

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