Learn How to Add Dimension to Your Bead Embroidery Projects

When I was in fourth grade, my parents encouraged me to take as many art classes as I wanted to, so I signed up for a watercolor painting class. I found out that I didn’t have much talent for painting with watercolors, but I did discover how much I loved to mix colors and lay them down on paper. Years later when I discovered bead-weaving and then bead embroidery, I started making bead embroidered necklaces and cuff bracelets using some of the same principles of mixing colors that I learned in my watercolor classes all those years ago — but with the added bonus of being able to add layers and layers of beautiful texture with those multi-dimensional seed beads and glass beads that I love so much.

Are you ready to learn how to make your bead embroidery pieces more artistic? Want to play with shape, color, and texture for truly outstanding bead embroidery pieces? You won’t want to miss our next live web seminar, Bead Embroidery: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration from Mary Tafoya. You’ll get to take a closer look at some of award-winning bead embroidered art, learn more about the techniques used to create them, and then find out how you can incorporate many of these same techniques into your own bead embroidery projects.

Mary will take you step-by-step through important bead embroidery techniques for making your pieces last, how to mix colors, and how to add texture using seed beads. A professional bead artist for over 20 years, Mary’s work has appeared in numerous galleries and publications and includes beaded jewelry, wall hangings, and artistic pieces. Find out where to draw inspiration for your bead embroidery pieces, professional finished techniques, and even how to incorporate unusual objects and materials into your bead embroidery.

Register today for Bead Embroidery: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration from Mary Tafoya and join us for the live event on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 1 p.m. EDT. Add new dimension to your bead embroidery projects with expert advice and techniques from a master bead artist!

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