Learn Herringbone Stitch with Melinda Barta

Learn expert tips for working flat herringbone stitch

Find out how to work circular and other variations of this versatile beadweaving stitch

Follow large, easy to see diagrams as Melinda takes you through basic herringbone stitch

Maybe I'm giving away my age, but I can remember when my father brought home our first VCR. I was five years old. It was a huge, unwieldy and noisy contraption that took up the entire bottom shelf of the television cabinet. To insert the video tape, you pushed a button and the carriage popped up into the air so you could slide the tape in, and then you had to practically smash it back down into the player. It had huge buttons that looked like the buttons on our tape recorder, and a little counter that had three numbers on dials to let you know how far into the tape you were. (Does this sound familiar to anyone?)

Fast forward thirty-odd years. In the time since my dad brought home that first VCR of ours, technology has changed at lightning speed. Now I watch my preschooler as he watches his favorite cartoons on my iPad, and I wonder what he would think of that huge monster VCR that we used to watch classics like The Muppet Movie and The African Queen. He'll probably never know what it feels like to pop a tape in the VCR, but he'll definitely know how to download a video onto our computer!

I love being able to download videos directly onto my laptop. Since I don't get to take many beading classes, I often turn to videos to learn new beadweaving techniques and skills. Part of the attraction for me is that I can download the video anytime I want to, watch it whenever I want to, and since it stays on my computer I can watch it again and again, as often as I need to. Video learning is particularly helpful if I'm trying to learn a new beadweaving stitch, since I like to see where my needle is supposed to be going next. And video learning lets me learn on my own time, at my own pace.

Now you can experience just how convenient it is to learn by video. If you've ever wanted to learn herringbone stitch but were intimidated at the thought of teaching yourself a new off-loom beadweaving stitch, you can download Beadwork Magazine editor Melinda Barta's wonderful Herringbone Stitch Basics and Beyond. Melinda takes you through six step-by-step lessons that show you the basics of herringbone stitch, and then shows you how to embellish, shape and add trim to your herringbone stitch beading projects. You'll have an expert beading instructor teaching you everything you need to know to get started with herringbone stitch, and the best part, aside from the price, is that you can download the video instantly to your computer and start stitching right away! Just download your video, gather your beads and supplies, and start stitching! No waiting for the mail, no cost for shipping, and you can watch it anytime you like.

In addition to all the great basic information about herringbone stitch, Melinda shares her expert advice about adding thread in the middle of a project, ways to make your stitching go faster and how to use herringbone stitch to create your own original patterns. It's the next best thing to having a class with a beadweaving expert!

If you have ever thought about taking your beadweaving skills to the next level by learning herringbone stitch, you'll definitely want to download your copy of Herringbone Stitch Basics and Beyond with Melinda Barta.

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