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Have you tried chevron stitch yet? This beading stitch has its roots in the cultures of Africa, and it adapts beautifully to modern seed beads and other glass beads to create elegant, sophisticated beaded jewelry. Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Melanie Potter uses chevron stitch to create her magnificent beaded jewelry designs, and now you can learn everything you need to know about chevron stitch on Craft Daily.

With the addition of Bead Stitching Chevron Chain with Melanie Potter to the beading videos available on Craft Daily, you can watch and learn how to execute this versatile beadweaving stitch directly from an expert. Start learning anywhere and anytime it's most convenient for you, and you can access it again and again with your monthly subscription to Craft Daily. Learn about all the variations of chevron stitch, including circular and tubular, along with easy embellishment ideas and watch your beaded jewelry designs get a boost from the lovely, lacy look of chevron stitch.

Why do I love chevron stitch? For starters, it's easy to learn, and it works up fast. Gilt-lined and silver-lined seed beads look even more dazzling when worked in chevron stitch because of the lace-like openwork pattern that's created with the thread path. For even more sparkle, all you really need is a few stray crystal beads or freshwater pearls, and before you know it, you've got a piece of beaded jewelry suitable to wear to your next special event, or just for when you need a little something extra to brighten your day.

Check out Bead Stitching Chevron Chain with Melanie Potter, and all of the great craft videos available on Craft Daily!

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