Learn to Bead with Beadwork’s Designers of the Year

Beadwork has been fortunate to include so many beading superstars over the years in our Designer of the Year program. Here we’ve highlighted a few staff and fan favorites to inspire your next bead weaving jewelry design.

Learn to bead from Laura McCabe

Peyote Stitch Galore

Some beadwork designers’ styles really appeal to me — and Laura McCabe is one of those designers. The eBook Best of Beadwork: 8 Projects by Designer of the Year Laura McCabe is full of beautiful projects. Every project in the eBook uses a variation of peyote stitch, plus a variety of other bead-weaving techniques. In addition, the eBook spans all jewelry types: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even a pendant. I love the gorgeous components of the Ring Around the Rosie bracelet, as well as the fun pattern on the Harlequin Cuff. But the project I’m most eager to make is the Blue Rondo earrings.

—Lavon Peters, Beadwork magazine Managing Editor

Learn to bead from Marcia DeCoster

Diverse Right-Angle Weave

10 Projects by Designer of the Year Marcia DeCoster continues to surprise me with the variety of styles, projects, and techniques within the eBook. While most of the projects use right-angle weave and its many variations, the projects vary in style, from the fun Disco Squares bracelet to the elegant Pharaoh’s Daughter statement necklace. If you are looking for patterns to practice right-angle weave, but don’t want to make the same projects over and over again, check out Marcia’s eBook!

—Marissa Bouska, Beadwork magazine Assistant Editor

Learn to bead from Lisa Kan

Something for Everyone

If you’re a bead weaver looking for inspiration, 10 Projects by Designer of the Year Lisa Kan is a great eBook for you to pick up. With so much variety in these 10 projects, it’ll be hard to pick which one to create first! There’s something for everyone, including cubic right-angle weave in the Symétrie Bracelet for the more experienced bead weaver. I’m in love with the Passionflower Necklace—it’s a modern take on classic bead weaving elegance, combining multiple weaves and metal elements.

—Meredith Steele, Beadwork magazine Technical Editor

Learn to bead from Melanie Potter

So Much Sparkle

It’s difficult for me to pick a favorite project by one of my favorite artists, Melanie Potter. Her DOY projects from the eBook Best of Beadwork: 8 Projects by Designer of the Year Melanie Potter is a good place to start for those of us who love a little extra sparkle. The String Quartet Collar is a showstopper, with its Swarovski crystal rounds and drop beads woven into a beautiful netted design. And the Go for Baroque Pendant will turn heads with it’s bezeled crystal rivoli focal. Melanie so expertly walks us through projects incorporating herringbone and square stitches, plus several variations of peyote and right-angle weave and more.

Debbie Blair, Beadwork magazine Editor

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