Learn a New Jewelry Technique Next Year (or Just Get Organized!)

New Year, New Stuff

Last year I wrote about beading resolutions.  One of my main goals was to try to use a bead loom.  And I'm a little embarrassed to admit I didn't quite get around to it.  (I did manage to do some loom weaving with yarn, go figure!)  I'm not too upset–I learned a lot of new stuff that I didn't expect to learn like how to begin creating metal jewelry, how to create a fabric bead, and how to make my own headpins with silver wire.

Sometimes resolutions are like that.  You resolve; your life doesn't.  But that doesn't mean it isn't fun to do a little dreaming.  Next year I want to play more with resin.  I've got my copper bezels lined up, along with little piles of watch parts, scrapbooking papers, and other odds and ends.  Plus, I'm keeping a copy of Melinda Barta's Custom Cool Jewelry book close by.  It's full of helpful tidbits like "paper burns at 451 degrees."  (I'm little afraid to ask Melinda how she knows that.  Hopefully she looked it up somewhere and there was no personal experience involved!)

Here's what some of the other editors are looking forward to 2009:

Jean Campbell, Contributing Editor, Beading Daily

"I found myself talking to my beads a little too much in 2008, so I think it might be healthy for me to get out of the house a little more in 2009. My resolution? Teach more!"

Elizabeth Murray, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Stringing

"I have resolved to learn bead embroidery. Embroidery acts as a catalyst to use such a variety of bits and pieces of ribbon, beads, findings, etc. for texture and character that I will be able to dive into those little bags of leftovers I have sitting around.  Also, I believe learning to mix and match random extras really stretches my creativity!" 

Leslie Rogalski, Editor in Chief, Step by Step Beads

"I make resignations, not resolutions.  For example, 'I will run out of beads one row before I finish something.'"  (See Leslie's editorial in the January/February 2009 issue of Step by Step Beads for more of her resignations.) 

Melinda Barta, Editor, Beadwork

"I resolve to always keep an in-progress project close at hand. There are so many times when I find myself waiting for something or someone and I think to myself, 'I could be beading!' Luckily I have a really great flat tin box with a padded beading surface that is perfect for car rides."

Jane Dickerson, Managing Editor, Step by Step Beads

"My resolution for 2009 is to make a special place in my workspace for my cats. They seem to have invaded my beading territory, leaving me standing by the kitchen sink to string my necklaces."

Denise Peck, Editor in Chief, Step by Step Wire Jewelry

"In an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle, I resolve to go through all my jewelry and beads and make good-sized pile to donate to a local school."

Sara Graham, Assistant Editor, Step by Step Wire Jewelry

"In 2009, I resolve to get organized.  My whole beading stash is thrown in cardboard boxes while moving in with my fiancé and not in proper storage containers or organizers. As the beads, wire, and tools seem to keep growing, I haven’t really kept up with storing them properly or in any kind of organized way! Once organized, then I can fulfill the second part of my resolution, making one piece of jewelry per week, even though life is very busy for me right now. And I’d also like to help my sister expand her interest in beading by showing her more stringing and wire techniques, and adding to her own stash!"

Danielle Fox, Editor, Stringing

"You should see the cool office/bead studio I have designed in my head! Problem is, the intended room is currently the house dumping grounds (piles of papers to sort, boxes of beads, bags of clothes intended for Goodwill, hiding place for messes when guests come over . . . you get the picture). My resolution is to save up enough money to buy the shelves and paint I need to make the dream of having a bona fide grown-up office/studio a reality."

What about you?  What do you hope to learn?  Any plans to change your beading life for the better?  Is there anything we can do to help?  Share your beading dreams and resolutions on the website!  

Holiday Schedule:  There will be no Beading Daily email December 31 and January 1 because of the holidays.  Remember that the website and forums never close, so feel free to stop by the website if you need a beading fix.  Have a safe and happy New Year's, everyone!  See you January 2, 2009!

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