Layer it up! With Beads, That Is: Layering Necklaces

It’s not uncommon to see celebrities draped in layering necklaces. The flapper culture of the 20’s popularized layering with pearls and today’s hot looks feature varying lengths of chain. Why not create a similar effect with layered strands of beads? Layered ropes have a gorgeous, artisanal look and multiple strands are one of the hottest beading trends.

The main things to keep in mind when layering are to allow some space between the strands and to create a cohesive overall look. Take some of the guesswork out of layering necklaces by combining several strands in the same color palette. There’s no rule about how many strands you should have. You might choose to have one choker-length necklace and one opera-length necklace for a dramatic look or you might create several necklaces that are closer together in length.

layering necklaces

Modern Flapper Necklace by Anneke van Ingen

Modern Flapper Necklace
Anneke van Ingen’s Modern Flapper Necklace is the perfect opportunity to experiment with tubular beadwork to build a layered look. Create texture and interest by adding stitched units of pearlescent beads that mimic high-end jewelry and really catch the eye. Two clasps ensure that you can combine the necklaces in a variety of ways. Of course, you can change the color scheme to suit your style.

layering necklaces

Bead Bound Beadwork Necklace by Katie Wall

Bead Bound Beadwork Necklace
This Bead Bound Beadwork Necklace by Katie Wall is a beautiful example of the layering trend. The seed bead strands string up quickly and they’re held together by a peyote-stitched tube. The dramatic color combination is a big part of why these layers play so well together. For Spring, try blue/turquoise/gold or olive/brown/navy.

layering necklaces

Twice as Nice Necklace by Katie Hacker

Twice as Nice Necklace
I can’t resist including the Twice as Nice Necklace from my book, Hip to Bead. I love the combination of stone beads and metal charms in this necklace. Plus, the strands are attached separately to the clasp so you can wear one strand or both. The Hill Tribe silver pendant (affiliate link) and charms are painstakingly hand-crafted by layering design motifs together.

Try the layered necklace trend with these on-trend projects! Customize your look with ideas from this color inspiration blog. Grab onto this eye-catching style and layer them up.

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