Latvian ethnical fire cross bead crochet necklace

Simple but beautiful seed bead crocheted necklace with geometric pattern

This bracelet is made of Japanese Toho seed beads in white and red accents that show Latvian national signs, especially Fire cross or Thunder cross. It's finished with silver metal furniture and memory wire that helps to keep round shape.

The “Sign of Fire” or “Thunder Cross” originally represented light, fire, health and prosperity.

Thunder is one of the oldest ancient gods and is also called as the Old Father. In Latvia Thunder cross is mentioned from 3-4 century (proved in archeological digs). In early iron century it is forged in bronze accessories.
This symbol has several names – cross of Thunder, cross of Fire, Branch cross, etc. This symbol means: happiness, energy, fire, thunder and wind. This sign has huge display variants. Fire cross is related to Sun, Laima and Thunder, so this sign was popular to cut into the beds of children and to interweave into belts for newborn children to wrap them in. In Latvia up to this day it is used for shirts, gloves, socks for protection against evil eyes.
The sign of Thunder is well known in whole world over 5000 years, starting from Asia up to Northern America. Negative factor is that this sign is also known as symbol of fascism. No doubt that Hitler gave bad popularity to this actually very good sign for a long time, but we must split the use of Thunder cross or Swastika for the different uses – where it is used to popularize neo-nazism or where it is used to show own nation's cultural heritage.

It can be worn daily as well as for special occasions.

Length of the bracelet 46cm + 3.5 extender chain , thickness 1cm


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