Ladder Stitch Beaded Bead Bracelet

Ladder Stitch Beaded Bead Bracelet a.k.a. "Lazy-B Ranch" Bracelet

I made this Western-inspired bracelet for the December 2007/January 2008 Beadwork challenge. At the time I designed it, I had just attended a local rodeo and was absolutely fascinated with the jewelry I saw there. It looked rough and polished at the same time. I love playing with contrasts in my designs.


The Story Behind the Bracelet Name

So why did I call this the "Lazy-B Ranch" bracelet? Here's a hint: The "b" stands for "bead." (What did you think it stood for?) I was originally planning on stitching the rondelles together for a single beaded bead, but when I strung the ladder stitched cube and two single beads, I realized that you couldn't tell whether it was one piece or not. (Look at the photo–if I didn't point it out to you, could you tell?) The choice was clear–spend more time stitching the rest of the beads together, or go ahead and string the bracelet and move on to my next project. (If Margot Potter hadn't already claimed "The Impatient Beader", I would so be there!)


More Challenge Projects from Beadwork

The editors work on these challenge projects in secret, so it was a surprise that we all ended up making bracelets! See the other bracelets (a pink right-angle weave bracelet, a contemporary silver and brown quartz bracelet, and a bead embroidered cuff) in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of Beadwork magazine.

At left: The original December/January Beadwork challenge kit from Dakota Stones contained smoky quartz, pink opal beads, and green opal nuggets. What would you have done with those beads?


We Love Beaded Beads!

Sooner or later, most beaders will try to create their own beads. In a summer poll, I asked Beading Daily readers what kinds of beads they were currently obsessed with making. The results:

  • beaded beads (33%)
  • lampwork (14%)
  • polymer clay (13%)
  • metalwork (8%)

Other answers included: wood, resin, paper, metal clay, clay/ceramic, enamel, mixed media, and felt.

Coming Wednesday: Bead quilts by Beading Daily readers and a new poll.

Thanks to everyone who sent email or posted comments about the Cats, Beads, and Kitchen Table post last Friday. I laughed the entire time I was writing it, despite the many Deeply Concerned looks I was getting from the good folks at Interweave Press as they walked by my desk and saw that I was all alone.

A Story Update on The Amazing Power of Beads: Cathi and her husband are back at the resort after the fire, but things are a long way from normal yet. Many services that we take for granted–like phone and email–have not been restored. She appreciates all your good thoughts during this difficult tme.

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She finds beaded beads fascinating and admires those beaders who can create them with 20 different colors of size 15 beads. Patience!

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