Kristal's Top 10 Must-Have Books for Every Beader

Kristal Wick

I spent every possible moment of my childhood in a library. I loved the smells, colorful pictures, hushed silence, and the sounds of flipping through the pages of well-worn and beloved books. I continued spending every waking moment in the library as an English major in college, although the pictures in the books I read then weren’t quite as pretty (not even close) as in my childhood treasures, I still relished my time in that sacred place filled with words of wonder and enchantment.

My literary tastes have changed over the past years, and my personal library is now filled with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) books in a wide variety of mediums and creativity. Some I simply peruse when I need a splash of inspiration. Others I know by heart! I want to share my list of must-have books (in alphabetical order) that every beader needs on their shelves, including the following techniques: seed beading, wireworking, soldering, beaded bracelets, bead stitching, and stringing.

  100 Beaded Jewelry Designs: Easy-to-Bead Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches, and More
Stephanie Burnham
Nothing like beaded bracelets to relieve a little stress in the evenings while catching up on Glee, Oprah, or American Idol?
  All Wired Up: Wire Techniques for the Beadworker and Jewelry Maker
Mark Lareau
Wireworking is a favorite jewelry technique, and this book is chock-full of all the techniques you need in the wire world.
  Beader's Companion: Expanded and Updated
Jean Campbell and Judith Durant
Updated from the first best-selling edition, this book covers loom-weaving and off-loom techniques, bead knitting, knotting, basic wireworking, and more. Great to help you start your beading journey, with plenty of extras for the more advanced bead seeker. 
  Beading for the Soul: Inspired Designs from 23 Contemporary Artists
Deborah Cannarella
This is a beautifully inspirational book. Wander through it when you need a breath of fresh passion.
  Color Works: The Crafter's Guide to Color
Deb Menz
This luscious book is filled with great color guidance for all sorts of mediums; particularly helpful in beading and jewelry making.
    Getting Started Stringing Beads
Jean Campbell
This is a great introductory book for anyone who wants to jump into jewelry making. The step-by-step instructions and pictures rock!
Getting Started with Seed Beads
Dustin Wedekind
This title says it all, and as many of you know from reading my June 14 beading daily post all about my escapades with seed beads, I’ll be diving into this baby ASAP!


  Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry: The Complete Guide to Turning Your Passion into Profit
Viki Lareau
When you finally run out of ALL your storage space (including using the oven for bead storage), it’s time to sell your creations to support your habit. This classic shows you the way.
  Step-By-Step Jewelry Workshop: Simple Techniques for Soldering, Wirework, and Metal Jewelry
Nicola Hurst
This comprehensive guide dives into all the metal favorites; wirework, soldering, filing, sawing, combining metals with stones, the whole enchilada!
  The Bead Directory: The Complete Guide to Choosing and Using More than 600 Beautiful Beads
Elise Mann
This is esentially the encyclopedia of beads! Beads of all styles and materials with pictures of everything! 

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