Kristal's Favorite 5 Jewelry-Making Projects

Have you ever gotten a gift certificate that was worthy? I mean REALLY worthy, you know over $19.95? Remember the joy you felt skipping through the store picking out ANYTHING your little heart desired? No concern over how much your selections cost, whether you can afford them, or whom you should share with. Nope, it's all for you. It's a delightful feeling, yes?

Why These Jewelry Projects Rock Me!

Well, I just got to pick my fave projects from the Interweave store and it felt like Ho-Ho-Ho time. Santa gave me the golden ticket (or was that Willy Wonka?). I spent more than a few minutes on this dream, carefully relishing every moment "shopping." Now, some would say this was an easy task, far more enjoyable than a visit to the dentist. Yes, that's true, but it certainly wasn't easy. I started with over 60 semifinalists, then narrowed them down to 10, closed my eyes and flipped a coin. Just kidding! I chose four projects I would love to make immediately and the fifth project as soon as I learn bead embroidery.

Catch of the Day
Linda Jones

Finny fun is always one of my favorite themesanything ocean oriented floats my boat, and I love the versatility of this project. Key chains or cell-phone dangles make great gifts for all ages. I also think I'll do a bit of sparkle swap; substitute crystals for those seed beads. One of the coolest things about project patterns is that you can modify the design to suit your taste.

Cha-Cha Bracelet
Katie Hacker

I've made a few of these, and they're as fun to make as they are to wear. It's easy to get into the "zone" with this project, just like knitters, when they click-clack away stitch after stitch. It's a great calming state to create in, and then you can sashay your way onto the dance floor and cha-cha the night away.

Custom Earring Shanks for Any Beads
Denise Peck

Sometimes you need simplicity in your jewelry closet (everyone has one, don't they?). These earring shanks are perfect for large-hole beads and other components with unusual shapes or bead holes. Once I master this technique, I plan on making an entire necklace using dozens of these shanks. OK, so much for simple jewelry….Stay tuned.

Mosaic Rings
Amanda Janney

How many rings are too many? If you need more, like me, one in every color will be just fine. One for my BFF, one for the dog walker, several for your coworker: well, you get the picture. The color and texture variations are fun to play with on this project. Ring-a-ding-ding.

 Words from the Heart
Jessica Stephens

I have been eyeing this project for quite some time now; time to pull a Nike and "just do it." Simple bead embroidery and brick stitch techniques are used and the results are precious with this sweet heartfelt jewel. Inspirational words are powerful things, and combining them with this heart has a meaningful message for someone special, perhaps yourself!

Be sure to take a few precious moments out of your busy day to browse the Interweave store. Share your favorite projects with me and the gang on Beading Daily.

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