Kristal Wick's Top 10 Beady Black Friday Tips

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
is the editor of
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It's hard to believe that time of year has rolled around again! The snowflakes are falling, fire crackling, and nog pouring. I invite you to channel your inner Santa Claus; make a list and check it twice. This is serious business, folks. Black Friday is not the day for meandering around the shopping malls aimlessly wondering what to buy Aunt Edna. You have to have your game on, and that means organization my beady peeps! Here are my top 10 Beady Black Friday Tips.


1.  Make Your Holiday Gift Giving List After Gobble-Time

When things have quieted down a bit, and before the Tryptophan kicks in from the turkey, is the perfect time to write down your gift list. You can concentrate without the holiday chaos distracting you.

2.  Check Your Jewelry-Making Inventory

If you're making jewelry for your loved one's this year (and if you're NOT, we need to have a little chat, girlfriend), be sure to check out your jewelry-making inventory BEFORE you place another online order for beads or supplies. I have double and even triple ordered beads because I was too lazy to go into my basement studio and check my inventory first.

3.  Make an electronic shopping list

Many people end up skipping this step and just toss things in their cart while they're shopping. They end up with two sweaters for Aunt Sue and no toy for the kid next door. Oops. The Web makes this so easy. You can easily create electronic wish lists, whether through an engine at a retail site or (usually better) writing them down in a Google document. You can transfer the list to your phone (either by sending yourself an email, or downloading the document) so you can take it with you.

4.  "Like" Your Fave Stores on Facebook

For additional discounts, "like" all the stores you plan on perusing on Facebook. You'll get some additional discounts and alerts about price drops. You'll also see sales ahead of time.

5.  Be Informed

The best way to spot a great bargain is to know the item's original cost. Research regular prices before the holiday frenzy. Once sales are listed, compare prices in store circulars and check discount websites:,,

6.  Power of Numbers

Go with a team and attack separate stores or separate sections of the same store.


7.  Dress for Success

Set your alarm.  Early. Remind yourself once again why you're doing this. It's Black Friday, and the deals are insanely good. Dress comfortably in layers, pop on a hat, and for goodness sake, wear sensible shoes. You're going to be on your feet all day fighting the crowds — you don't need to look good to find the best deals. *For the less experienced shopper be sure to don a helmet and boxing gloves for added protection.

8.  Bring a snack

The lines at the food court on Black Friday can be brutal! Load your purse up with Power bars, coffee, and chocolate.


9.  Track It

Save all of your receipts. After you get home, go through receipts, label them, and keep them all together. If you or a loved one needs to return something, you'll be able to easily find the receipt.

10. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

Skip all the hassle and shop online. My fave black Friday tip is shopping in your pajamas and avoiding the crowds. Online shopping can be done 24 hours a day with no lines, and leave a whole bunch of time for beading!

Join me in my jammies on the couch sipping a cup of cocoa for our beady black Friday bash for all you Beading Daily peeps. Free shipping on any purchases over $30. What beady delights do you want from Santa?

Come bead with me!



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