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Kristal Wick
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There is only one thing better than cracking open a new beading book, slipping a brand-new beading DVD into your computer or downloading a beading project that screams your name: sharing the experience with your BFF (best friend forever). I believe in the power of “girlfriendism.” Explore my top picks from the Interweave store (hundreds of goodies on sale-up to 40% off!) with your BFF this Friday after work. Pour a delicious beverage, savor a few brownies, and dive into a new project with your pal for BFFHH—Bead Friend Forever Happy Hour. Who knows, you might make it a monthly event!

A new chapter in your beaded jewelry making

What can I say about Fabulous Fabric Beads? It’s by far my fave book in the Interweave mall for obvious reasons. At 40% off, you Beading Daily peeps get nearly the same price I pay for it! I labored over this book for many moons, not sleeping much from such a gush of inspiration. Writing this book was simply one of my most delightful life experiences. If you like fabric, and you like beads, I’m certain you’ll like this book!  Let me know you’re a fan and I’ll send you a personalized book mark to go along with your Fab Fab Beads book!

Beware of this book; do not open it at work! You’ll want to dive right in so consider yourselves warned. Beading on Fabric is so rich in content and inspiration; you could play within these pages for a good long while. Whether you’re a quilter and never beaded on fabric before or quite experienced; you’ll learn more than you could possibly do in a lifetime. I better get going…

Lisa Kan’s Bead Romantique is eye candy at its finest. I’m absolutely dying to make her Mesh Pearl Bracelet project. This lovely bracelet features pearls and Wirelace which is a ball to work with. The unlimited color combinations and refined Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Art Nouveau era influences in Lisa’s projects softly invite you to come create!

Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry by Linda Jones combines two of my faves, beads and wire, to create over 12 projects simple enough for anyone to make on a Friday. Top on my list is her beaded heart. I need to make a purple one for Karen, a blue one for Mel, and pink (of course) for Bling my puppy dog!

My recent obsession with seed beads and peyote stitch has me craving more. What else can be created using this favorite quick-and-easy stitch? Jeannette Cook and Vicki Star’s Beading with Peyote Stitch book is filled with more challenging designs. Their Patchwork Collage Cuff looks like a great project to do with a fiesta of friends. Why not swap shapes with each other before stitching the pieces together to create the final bracelet?

Beading with right-angle weave


  Jean Campbell’s Beadwork Creates Jewelry has the most glam Elizabethan Cuff by Donna Anderson Swiderek. Use right-angle weave to make the base matrix, then embellish with pearls, crystals, and seed beads. Yummy!

How could you pass up making a beaded project with your BFF called “Furry Knuckles?” Beadwork Creates Rings has Dustin Wedekind’s fringy, square-stitched, animal-patterned ring and it looks as fun to make as it is to wear. Grrrrrr, baby!

Beaded Millefiori Mesh from Melinda Barta’s Custom Cool Jewelry has so many applications; you and your friends will want them in every color. You create the beaded screen, and then mount it onto a box clasp. These would be great clasps for beaded bracelets, too.

Watch the jewelry-making pros in your living room

It’s no secret, I am a huge Susan Lenart Kazmer fan (SLK to those in the know). I was lucky enough to spend a day with the found objects guru in her private studio. She had tables of resin beauties and I seriously left drool marks. Exploring Resin Jewerly-Making DVD is filled with Susan’s trademarked magic, sure to inspire as well as entertain you.

Lisa Niven Kelly’s Tornado Beads download video has intrigued me for months. I’m itching to make these delightfully colorful beads. Plus they’d be fun for a bead swap with your buds. There’s a free quick video to preview and see how clear and easy Lisa’s teaching style is. It’s great to be able to replay sections of the video in case you and your BFF have one sip too many while viewing!

Have fun online shopping this Labor Day weekend as you gear up for the holidays and some new beady wonders. Keep on beadin’ on.

Come bead with me.


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